Xero Shoes- A Perfect Fit

Xero Shoes

Since the book Born To Run hit the market awhile ago, barefoot running has become more and more common. It has gone from taboo to mainstream and nowadays seeing someone run along the side of the road barefoot has become a normal scene.

Xero Shoes are the closest you can get to being barefoot without actually being barefoot. The have a flexible sole that is between 4mm and 6mm thick so it allows your foot the freedom to move, be free and still have the protection that is desired to protect your soles.

Xero Shoes- A Perfect Fitting Sandal

Xero Shoes- A Perfect Fitting Sandal

Xero Shoes, also known as Invisible Shoes, can be completely customized to fit your foot perfectly even if one foot is a tad bit bigger than the other. You also have the option of choosing your sole color, lace color and adding decorations to your bare feet shoes to create a look that is as unique as you are. Xero Shoes are also meant to be tied and laced  in different ways. Some people get very elaborate with their lacing and are able to really personify their shoe from this aspect alone.

One of the perks that really persuaded me to give these new running sandals a try was how affordable they were and the fact that they came with a 5000 mile warranty. I have never had a pair of running shoes or sandals that have lasted that long so I am thrilled about Xero Shoes price and warranty.

Bare Feet Shoes Create Fluid Movement

The shoe itself is very comfortable and allow the feet to breathe and move. They are so light on my feet that is feels like nothing is there yet I still feel protected from the layer of sole.

With barefoot running, the feet and legs work in the way they are suppose to. Have you ever walked barefoot and realized how much freer you feel and how much more fluid your movements are? Not only do Xero Shoes create a more natural movement in your walk and run they also help to create a better posture. Posture is able to realign some as your feet touch the ground with any type of huarache running sandals. They also awaken and stimulate the nerves in your feet which allow you to feel the world as if you were truly barefoot.

Original Huarache Running Sandals Inspired By Indians

Original Huarache Running Sandals Inspired By Indians

The worry about walking or running barefoot is the fear of not having any protection from the things on the ground that can hurt or cut your feet.  It is difficult to get into stores and different places without shoes, this is why with Xero Shoes there is no need to worry about any of  this. You will get the feeling of being barefoot  and still have protection on your feet which allows you to go into stores or any where you want.

Xero shoes are an updated version of the huarache running sandals. These were sandals  used by the Tarahumara Indians. They would create the shoe by using a strip of rubber from an old tire then  they took a string to lace it together and hold it to the foot. Xero shoes are much better  then these original shoes, they are a hi-tech update of the hurraches.  Xero Shoes are light weight,  flexible and comfortable. If you enjoy being barefoot you will love the Xero Shoes.

Xero Shoes- Award Winning

Xero Shoes- Award Winning

Xero Shoes won the award for the best huaraches running sandals and won the highest rating for barefoot by the running clinic. They scored a 94 out of 100. Barefoot magazine also gave Xero Shoes the highest score of 4.75 out of 5 for the closest shoe to being barefoot.

Xero shoe are nothing like flip flops, they are made to completely fit your foot and it does not matter if you have wide, narrow, short or long feet.  Invisible shoes  can be made to fit you perfectly if you choose that option.
 Remember the fun you had  as a child playing, not wearing any shoes, and running barefoot?  Wearing Xero Shoes allow you to feel this again except with the added benefited of protection and different styles that you can choose from to fit you perfectly. Xero Shoes allow you to reconnect with the world once again through your feet.

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