3 Must Do’s Before The Holidays

The Holidays Are Coming

Yes I know that it’s only July, but I also know that it’s time to start getting ready for the holidays.  No, not everything needs to be done right now, but there are certain things that you may need to start right now in order to get them done before the holidays get here.  Especially if they’re on the more painful side for you. 

What do I mean?  Well that’s where this Sirgo is going to fall, with my spotlight directly on things that you need to start in the summer months in order to have them done for the holidays.  I think once you take a look at these things you’ll more then agree they are things that you need to start early on, especially if you’re one that likes to make crafts or delay on getting certain work done. 

Take a look, and see what you think!

Preparation is the key to success in most any field in your life…especially the holidays.

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Your Mouth

Item number one comes in at the top for me because of the number of people I’ve spoken to that would do anything to change they way their smile appears.  Often times it’s not that they don’t want to have a pretty smile, it’s that they couldn’t afford to get a pretty smile once it was gone.  They then go on to tell me how they never smile in pictures because of how rotten their teeth are. 

Sometimes it’s not how rotten their teeth are, but that they teeth are crocked, knocked out from some accident or in some other way have teeth that aren’t aligned properly in their mouth.  It’s not always the persons fault.  Often times, like with my niece, it’s how her teeth grew in that presented the problem.

No matter how your teeth got the way they are, if you start now…in the summer  in all likelihood they will be beautiful to for the holidays.  I understand that some work (like braces), can take years.  I also understand that the years are going to go by anyway.  So if you start now, it maybe 3 Christmas’s before they’re completely beautiful, but they will be better and better for each holiday between now and then!

Your Smile
makes all the difference in your confidence for the holidays!



Some crafts take longer then other crafts.  Just as some projects are larger then other projects.  So when we speak about the holidays and getting crafts done like needlepoint’s, it’s going to be critical that you start those projects early.

Clearly I’m not talking about kits that you give away at Christmas time.  I’m talking about the ones that you are going to chose to make and give as completed gifts.  Needlepoint’s, crochet blankets, hand painted items all take time and patients to get them done.  This means that you need to plan ahead, and start in the summer.  The more of these items that you’re going to have to get done the sooner you have to start working on them. 

I know many people that start as soon as the holidays are over start working on their projects for next year.  If you’re one of these crafty people, then you know the value of starting now to have it completed then.

Handcrafted Items
are some of the most endearing items to give as gifts.

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Family Visits

There can be any number of reasons your family comes to visit for the holidays, but if you don’t have the room and you need to come up with something that’s not out of this world in price (like hotels can be).  Then you might just want to add a wall or two that will give the privacy and division that you’re visiting relatives will need.

It’s not always easy to come up with ideas and alternatives for not building on that extra wing, but french doors and ‘temporary’ walls are to very viable solutions.  The give you the room you need and are easy to remove if you need to after the family leaves.  The interesting thing with this options is that most people don’t want to remove the ‘extra’ room once they have it.  They chose to keep it for the extra space that they’ve gained from helping their relatives out for the holidays.

Extra Room
can mean extra sanity for the holidays!

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