3 Summer Crafts

Most every parent has the desire to have their kids home for the summer.  Well at least after they’ve been in school for 9 months.  But that excitement wears off after about 5 days when the kids start chanting: “I’m bored”.  It’s understandable, after all they have had every moment from around 8 in the morning until 2:30 in the afternoon, controlled for them. 

So what do you do as a parent to help occupy their time, so they aren’t bored.  I’m lucky in that my kids are readers and would read all day if I’d let them, but if you aren’t blessed in that area, what do you do?  I have some ideas for you that can help you plan for the inevitable chant of, “I’m Bored!”

Summer Crafts...
are one way to break up the boredom of summer.

3 Summer Crafts108306


The first craft up is that of needlepoint, also called needlework.  This of course will depend on the age of your child.  You’re not going to want to give a child of 3 a needle and have him or her trying to do this.  But, there are beginner kits that have plastic needles that can be used, and if you’re child is mature and 5 or up, it might just be the perfect activity.

You can get smaller canvases, or you can go as elaborate as you’d like.  You can also spend as much as you want or as little.  Depending on the company, you can send in a picture and have it crafted on a canvas just for you.  Consider how wonderful this would be if your child lost their favorite puppy for whatever reason.  They could now have it for the rest of their lives. 

The same is true for a loved one that may have passed or any number of other items.  Perhaps a summer trip that you want to remember forever.  The possibilities are endless.

What kid doesn't like
to eat snacks let alone, eat it after they’re done, that’s half of the fun!

Painting and Food

Painting and Food

Painting and making food are very common pleasures of kids.  Consider how often they love to help you back that cake, or lick the spoon.  It’s one of their favorite things to do, and it doesn’t stop until they are 100.  That’s what makes getting a cooking kit one of those perfect ideas for kids during the summer.  It’s also something that you’ll be able to tweak according to how old the child is.  After all, one size doesn’t fit all where the size of the and type of cooking is concerned.

Face painting is another item that kids love.  Have you ever paid attention to the size line at carnivals where the face painting booth is?  It will easily have 30-50 kids waiting in line, to have their faces painted by the local artist.  And you never know this little craft may unveil the next Van Gogh or Rembrandt.

One of the top booths at a carnival
is always the face-painting booth! So why not bring the face-painting home?

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