5 Pests That Can Destroy Your Home

Extermination in a Timely Manner is Imperative

You may be tempted to hold off on calling an exterminator, but that’s not a wise choice because you could have an infestation of one or more of the pests that can destroy your home.  Your home is probably the most valuable personal asset you own, so you’ll want to do what’s necessary to protect your investment.  There are several pests that can destroy your home by affecting the structure or wiring in your home, causing it to become unsafe for you and your family.  Below are some of the pests that can destroy your home if you wait to long to call a professional.



5 Damaging Pests

5 Damaging Pests

Carpenter Ants – You wouldn’t think that ants could destroy your home, and that’s true of most of them, but not carpenter ants.  Carpenter ants are one of the largest species of ants found in the United States, and they can reek havoc on your home’s structure.  They aren’t like most ants that will find cracks, crevices, and holes to go through, they’ll drill holes right through wood to find food.  These tunnels will weaken the wood, and will cause it to crumble under pressure.  The tunnels also make the wood more susceptible to rotting and other pests.  Carpenter ants can be compared to termites, however, they don’t eat the wood like termites do.  Most carpenter ants are black, but some may be reddish colored or brown.




Termites – We’ve all heard of termites, and if you’re a homeowner just hearing their name may make you cringe.  This reputation is well earned.  Termites can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home.  Termites eat wood, so they can cause your home to be structurally unsound if left alone.  Termites love moisture, so wet wood near leaks are a prime spot for termites to be.  They can also be found outside your home if the ground is wet.  Termites are white and are about the size of a grain of rice.  You may even see swarms of them in your neighborhood certain times of the year. 




Cockroaches – Roaches are known as being disgusting, but did you know they’re damaging to your home as well?  If you see one or two roaches out in the open, there are probably hundreds hiding in your home.  They make their home inside your walls, cabinets, and woodwork.  What you may not know about roaches, is that they can eat through anything.  If there’s enough of them, they can cause serious damage to your home.




Rats – Rats and mice can find their way into your home from outside, and they can make a nest in your attic, basement, and even inside your walls.  Rats can also chew through the wiring in your home and cause a fire.  It doesn’t take long for rats to cause serious damage to your home.  They also carry diseases and can bite you or your children while you sleep.  This used to be a more serious problem than it is now, but it can still happen if rats aren’t exterminated.




Bats – Bats love dark, places, so an attic or even a basement is a great substitute for a cave.  Bats can find their way into your home, most often through an attic vent, and they can cause a lot of damage.  Like rats, bats can damage the wiring in your home and could get inside your chimney or walls.  Bats also leave massive amounts of excrement which can be toxic.



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If you suspect any of these pests, you’ll want to see the help of a professional to minimize the damage to your home.  Some pest control companies will even give you a free estimate.  A reputable company can also give you tips to prevent further infestations.




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