5 Reasons Why Women Should Take Up Belly Dancing

With so many fitness fads and diet trends
these days, how do you know which one’s the right fit for you? Choosing which
fitness regimen to follow can be overwhelming, but knowing one’s fitness level
and needs helps beginners pick the best workout to follow.

Women, in particular, may look to regimens
that especially cater to their needs. With this in mind, belly dancing is the
perfect fitness routine for female newbies who want a total body workout,
situated in an environment that’s friendly and supportive. Gyms can be
intimidating, especially for newcomers, but a lot of these belly dancing
lessons are situated in safe, non-competitive spaces where the participants are
encouraged to enjoy the company of their fellow dancers.

If you’re still on the fence about signing
up for a belly
dance lesson
, let this article show you its benefits for your mind, body,
and soul.

It’s a great stress reliever

Living in the city can be
terrible. Ease your mind and worries by joining belly dance lessons after work
to help you relax at the end of the day. Belly dancing’s swaying and flowing
movements can induce a calming and meditative effect on its practitioners.
Grace and concentration are key components of the dance, which can be effective
for mental relaxation too.


It helps reduce PMS symptoms

Belly dancing is known for
its hip movements, with a focus in rolling, undulations and making figure
eights. As all of these are concentrated on the pelvic area – a particularly
problematic area for women during their menstruation – belly dancing can help
ease up the muscle cramps around this area.


Eases up childbirth pain

Traditionally, belly
dancing was long used for conditioning women to prepare for child birth. From
its origins in the Arab region, the dance was taught to expectant moms to
strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. 
Belly dancing also increases blood circulation to the pelvic area which
helps deliver more oxygen to the foetus. After birth, belly dancing also aids
in toning the muscles in a safe but effective way.


Gives relief to back pain

Having an achy back can be
a bothersome experience. It can affect your productivity at work and school,
and cause you sleepless nights if left untreated. You can treat it with
medicine, or do it naturally courtesy of a belly
dance class in Singapore
. The movements in belly dancing strengthen the
deep core muscles that support our spines. To avoid more injury and pain, it’s
best to sign up for classes to ensure you’re learning the correct techniques
and movements.


It’s a great confidence booster

Long-time fans of belly
dancing rave about the supportive and friendly atmosphere of its classes. It’s
where women of all ages and sizes are allowed to enjoy each other’s company,
free of judgment and threats. With its feminine moves that celebrate a woman’s
sensuality, the dance promotes body confidence and self-acceptance to its


These are the reasons why belly dancing makes for a great fitness
regimen, but you need to try it for yourself to experience its benefits. Sign
up for a belly
dance lesson today to find out for yourself.



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