A Smile Is Worth A Thousand Words

A Smile Is Worth 1000 Words

A smile is worth 1000 words, the question is do you believe it?  If you believe it, what impact if any does it have on your life.  It does have an impact even if you don’t realize it.  Consider our Hollywood for a moment, it wouldn’t be the same if those that walk down the red carpet have ugly smiles.   Think about Haley Berry, Julia Roberts and all of the 100’s of other actors that walk down that red carpet.  There smiles are dazzling and that’s part of what draws you to them. 

If you doubt this consider the fact that people who are perceived to be ugly make 13 % less then those who are perceived to be beautiful.  If you’re one of those that are perceived to be ugly is that fair to you?  No is the clear answer, which leads to the next question.  

Is there anything you can do to change your appearance to increase your perceived beauty?  Yes, is the easy answer.  First consider your smile?  A beautiful smile changes how you feel about your self, and that in turn changes how people perceive you.  

What does your smile...
say about you?

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A Beautiful Smile

Is your smile beautiful, or do you hide your mouth when you smile?  Better yet, do you cover your mouth or stifle a laugh even when somethings funny, because you are ashamed of your smile?  If you answered yes to any part of this, then you need to schedule an appointment to your local dentist.

There are many levels of dentistry including those that specialize in surgery, which you may need.  But the important thing is to start the process.  If you change your smile, you’ll change your life and going to the dentist is the beginning of that change. 

If you think that it’s unusual to have a dentist change your smile or work on your teeth, consider the millions of kids that need braces after they’re finished growing.  Those braces started with visits to the dentist office.  Consider this the beginning of your self-confidence being built and in turn that increase of 13% in wages earned.  You are investing in your future, which is priceless.

Does your smile give you confidence...
or do you cover it, and try not to laugh even when somethings funny?

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How Do You Know That You Need Work Done

The short answer is this: if you can’t smile freely, then you need work done.  This work can range from needing braces, implants, veneers or something as simple as your teeth to be whitened.  You may need each of these things, some of them, or maybe just one.  

No matter what the need, if your smile is being impacted you need to have the work done.  Often times the largest objection is money.  Dentists are human and the are also more then willing to work with you, to get you the work that you need and want to have done.  

This is especially true if the work you need involves decay.  Depending on the extent of decay (and in turn pain), they are likely to make room for you and get you in the same day.  The health of your mouth, impacts your over all health.  

So is your smile worth 1000 words?  If not, get one that does.

Do people stop you and
comment on how beautiful your smile is?

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