An IQ Test Should Be Required For Drive-Thru Customers

Ever Wonder Why So Many Cashiers Look So Annoyed? Try Living A Day in Our Shoes!

I work in fast food (NOT McDonalds, thank God). I love my job- I work with great people, I do different things every day and my regular customers are absolute joys!
Unfortunately, some idiot invented the Drive-Thru.
If you’ve never worked in fast food before, please, listen closely.
Drive-Thru is NOT for:
-People who’ve “never been to this place before”
-Are “already late for work so can you hurry up?”
-Can not speak English (No, I am not being racist-if you have a heavy accent to begin with, the mic makes you virtually indistinguishable)
-Have orders over $20- the other people coming through DT are there to be QUICK so waiting behind your $65 order is aggravating for both them AND us!
-Passengers. Passengers are the bane of a Drive Thru cashier’s existence as WE CAN’T HEAR YOU! The fact that we are consistently saying “Pardon?” is the first hint.
However, that’s not to say ALL customers who come through DT are incompetent. In fact, we welcome you if:
-You don’t need to say “um” every 5 seconds
-You don’t want “That sandwich, you know?” (FYI we don’t! If we were psychic we wouldn’t be working anywhere but a circus)
-You know how to pull up so that when you reach the window you are BESIDE it, not 2 feet out.
-You don’t feel it necessary to blow your cigarette smoke into the open window…ew!
There are so many more things to say but those are the big pet peeves. Other than, of course, those intensely insane people who feel it neccessary to scream and swear in our faces because of simple mistakes like the wrong sandwich or cold fries (yes, I understand this is an inconvenience and it’s frustrating but not only are we human and therefor fallible but having a temper tantrum will only make us want to spit in your replacement food…not that I’ve ever ACTUALLY done that but I know people who have) but, really, that’s not what this is about.
To sum up, if you do any of these things, don’t be surprised if you get attitude from the cashiers or…a little something “extra” in your food!

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