I love Autumn!  It’s my favorite season because of all that comes with you.  You kick off back to school, weather eases, leaves start changing their colors and most importantly football season is beginning!  There’s nothing to dislike about autumn’s appearance, if you’re an adult.  

Kids on the other hand often despise it because it’s time to return to school and start their studies again.  Now teaches, new grades and new demands on their bodies.  One of the things that makes some children love it is the sports that they have become involved in.  Football!!!  Cheerleading!!! Ice Hockey!!! and the list continues to grow.  Ask all of those that love the slopes and they’ll tell you how happy they are with autumn’s arrival, because they know that snows not to far behind. 

But with all of the good that comes with autumn, there are still a handful of challenges that come along with it too.  Consider the following things that come with autumn and their challenges. 

For the love
of the season!

Before School Starts

There are many things that have to be done and take place before the onset of the school year.  For example, football has practice.  There are plays to learn and conditioning that needs to be done.  If you’re not in good shape you can get injured.  In fact, we’ve see that even if you are in good shape, you can get injured.  All you need to do is follow pro-football and you’ll see players that get hurt. 

With injuries comes the normal visits to the doctor.  Especially if those injuries are not felt until after the game.  If that’s the case with you, consider going to an urgent care and receiving your medical attent there.  Very often, they are easier to get in, especially after the doctors office is closed.  Also consider that in order to play football, you need to have an ‘athletes’ check-up as well as immunizations if you’re starting school for the first time. 

Before school starts...
there’s always a list of things that need to be done.

Autumn Challenges110727

Other Challenges

Arguably one of the biggest challenges comes in the area of the early days of school.  You see children have been sleeping in much later than when they need to get up for the school days.  That’s not a bad thing, after all they do need to get rest in order to grow, but the transition to back to school early mornings, is often a challenge and leads kids to very grump first weeks.  Consider starting to ease them back by getting them up an hour earlier and then the time they will need to be up for school days. 

This will take the edge off that comes with the early mornings and really give your kids a jumpstart to the new school year.  Also consider giving them a healthy breakfast.  Giving them sugar filled cereal only to a sugar crash a couple of hours later, and when at school that’s not a good thing.

The last challenge that I’ll cover here is that of the weather changing and the forgetfulness of wet roads.  We had our first real rainstorm in months yesterday and the sirens were going.  Don’t forget that it takes more time to stop and that means that you run the risk of hitting the cars in front of you.  Allow yourself more time to get to where you need to go.  Slow down!  Your life and the life of others may very well depend on it.  

With the change of seasons comes
an increase in accidents and injuries.

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