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I’ve been seeing the Bejeweled game commercial on tv lately, over and over again, so I decided to check it out online. Funny thing was… I had a really hard time finding the actual board game for sale. I kept finding online versions, and play station versions, but the actual board game was really difficult to find.

I decided to write this quick post to help you find this board game for sale online, in case you have also been having the same difficulty that I had in finding it.

Aside from the Bejeweled board game as shown on tv, I also included some links below to help you to find the alternate versions as well (CD rom, PS 2 and PS 3, etc) just in case they are something you are looking for as well.

The short video below will explain the Bejeweled game and watching it will show you the actual pieces and stuff.

Bejeweled Kids Board Game

As you may have noticed from the video below, the Bejeweled kids board game looks like a lot of fun, and does not look too difficult for kids to learn to play.

The shiny gems will make it a favorite of little girls!

This 2 to 4 player game comes with:
a game tray
84 gems
7 power gems
70 scoring cards

Bejeweled Board Game For Sale Online
The game is won by the person who gets 3 sets of 3 scoring coins.
The Bejeweled board game is available for sale from several places, but one place that I know for sure that they have it at a great price is from

With it being so heavily advertised on tv however, I’m not sure how long it will be in stock.

3194nOzDifL. SL250
Bejeweled Game
buy from tan


Bejeweled Frenzy Card Game

Looking for a Bejeweled card game? Here is one that I found for sale on Amazon:
Bejeweled Frenzy

This game is a card version of the popular online Bejeweled game! In this game, you match gems and earn points. The person with the highest points at the end is the winner!

51JNVo41CXL. SL160
Bejeweled Frenzy Game
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This game comes with 84 cards, 7 boost gems, and instructions.


Bejeweled Computer Games

Here are a few Bejeweled games for the computer gamer in your life. A great thing about buying games like this from Amazon is that they have a bunch of buying options, and you can even get these games in used condition for a much lower price!

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51kgcKycQXL. SL160
Bejeweled 2
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5197ht4EARL. SL160
Bejeweled 3
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41QiHqaNWWL. SL160
Bejeweled Twist
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