Best Guitar Picks

Best Guitar Picks

Looking for the best guitar picks? The picks you use are just as important as your guitar, amplifier, and guitar cable. Here are some suggestions when looking for guitar picks.
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Jazz Guitar Picks by Dunlop

Jazz Guitar Picks by Dunlop

My favorite guitar picks are the Jazz brand by Jim Dunlop. These picks are quite small and they take some getting used to but they are excellent picks. Regular picks now feel like pieces of plywood when compared to Jazz picks. These picks have a nice pointed tip and they can make you play faster. They are great for lead guitar and they will help you play runs. I won’t use any other pick now as I find the Dunlop Jazz are just superior to everything out there.
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What Picks to Buy?

Picks are a very personal thing when it comes to playing guitar. For beginners an average pick is going to be fine. As you get better you’ll experiment more with picks and you’ll find something you like. For most people a medium pick will work the best but some like heavy picks or very light picks. I always used heavy picks for metal until I discovered Dunlop Jazz picks and now I only use those. Light picks are good for strumming but they are hard to get elaborate picking patterns or solos with and they don’t have much attack to them. Medium picks have more attack and for metal you will want heavier picks.

Pick Packs

It’s always a good idea to buy a pick pack so you have access to all thicknesses and styles of picks because you will use different picks for various guitar techniques. You’ll need to do a lot of experimenting with your picks until you find ones you like. The best guitar picks are really a personal preference so you need to go through a lot of them to find the best ones for you.

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