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There is a price to blog

As a business person, it is ensential to have a blog where people can follow you and connect with you on a more personal level. It’s a place where potential customers can buy from you. It’s a place where you get to be yourself without anyone really in your face or business.
And even if you’re not the business type, creating a blog for personal reasons can help you cope with everyday life, simply by writing. It can also help you make some cash when you least expect it as well.  So whether or not you are a business person trying to create a business blog or a regular person creating a personal blog, then it’s job to know the best types of blog to choose based on prices.
Keep reading to learn more about blog prices, custom blog prices and wordpress blog prices.

Custom Blog Prices

Custom Blog Prices

It’s not hard to find a person that will build a custom blog for you. What you have to worry about is how much they charge, how slow they work, and if they will do a great job.
Getting a cutom blog built or created for you may or may not save you time, because I’ve seen web designers that take 4 months to over a year creating a single blog. They’ve done a great job, but they were just to slow.
There are others that take lesser time, but their creation wasn’t up to the expectation. And if you paid someone $300 and up for a website, then you will probably feel some kind of way.
Cutom blogs can be from $25 to 100,000. It just depend on what you want. You can go to places like or and hire web designers. When you use these service, you will have to do all the work of marketing and writing on your blog to build a name for yourself. If you don’t want to do non of that then, this is not the best choice for you.
You can go to and just buy you a website on any niche that people are selling and don’t want anymore. Most of the time the marketing is already done. All you have to do is use it to make money.

WordPress Blog Prices

Next is WordPress blog prices. It all depends on where you get your WordPress blog. If you purchase your blog from, then it will be a lot more expansive then going strait to and get it. allows you to have a free blog, but you can’t sell anything on it or they will delete your account. So, the best thing to do is purchase it. When you buy a blog on, it will probably be $25 per year and higher for a domain. And if you want to add more blogs, you will have to pay for that to. Then you will have to do marketing and writing on it, which means more work.
When you get a website, all you have to do is get hosting and domain name. You can buy a cheap domain from for like .99 to $15 a year. After that, get your hosting from 1and1 or Hostgator for like $10-$15 a year, depending on the package. Once again, your blog is fresh and new, so you will have to do alot of marketing and writing to get your name out. And, WordPress is pretty difficult for people that know nothing about it or the internet. This is just something to think about. Are you willing to learn how to work WordPress, marketing, and write? If so, then cudoos to you.
If not, go down to the final step

Cheapest Blog Prices That Saves You 75% Of Your Time

Cheapest Blog Prices That Saves You 75% Of Your Time

This one is simple and cheap. You don’t have to purchase hosting or a domain name. You don’t have to focus on marketing to much or getting your blog to the top, because it’s already the top 1,000 website on the internet. All you have to do is write on your blog and share with your friends. This is powerful and I will share it with you.
This platform works really well, because thousanths of people are already using it and you joining will add another bonus to the puzzle. The reason why so many people are using it is because it saves them almost 75% of their time. Instead of trying to figure out which plugin to use, or how to create their theme, or how to get auto responders or even email marketing, or marketing… they are spending 75% of their time writing and make $25 to $3,000.
Yes, you heard me right. People are making $25 to $3,000 off this blogging platform with just a $25 investment, and they are building their business or just blogging for fun. It’s crazy right?
Click here and see that I’m not kidding, then register for a free webinar to learn more.
Creating a blog requires work and knowledge. Be smart about it and get the work already done for you.

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