Bring The Romance Back In Your Relationship

Romeo And Juliet

Romeo and Juliet are arguable the two most well known ‘lovers’ in all of history.  Young love.  Fresh love.  That’s what Romeo and Juliet offered us.   It’s all about staying in love and not falling out.  But what happens when you’ve been together more than 2 months and that love is starting to wane?  What do you do then?  After all, it’s much easier to say to people, “keep the romance alive”, then to actually do the work that is needed.

If you’re like me, often times you lack ideas in different areas and this is one of those areas.  If you ask someone that’s in the been married for awhile verses someone that’s new in a relationship you’re likely to get completely different responses as to what romance is. 

Why?  Because you are going to have a completely different view and investment if you’ve been with someone 10 years verses 2 months.  

Keeping Love Alive...
can be as challenging as picking the right career.

What To Do

Romance in most any form, is the key to keeping love in the relationship.  Having said that, what’s love and romance to you may not be to me.  For example: those that have been married and have kids around the house pulling on their apron strings, may find romance to be something as simple as the spouse washing the dishes.  If you’re new in the relationship say 2 months, you may still want those chocolates and flowers.  

The down hill side comes when those things aren’t done any more.  The reason is usually pretty simple: we don’t need to court any more, and we have fallen into the routine of getting by day-to-day and have neglected the romance and in turn neglected their spouse.  And this goes both ways, if the husband doesn’t do what he’s supposed to do and the wife never dresses sexy…well the romance is going to die.

Now I’m one of those that tends to be skeptical, but I actually know someone that would get one of those giant martini cups, wrap herself in cellophane and wait behind the curtains around their bed for her husband to open the curtain (after she called him).  As you might imagine, their marriage was on fire, where the rest of us were struggling. 

So if you’re like me and not like this woman, where do you go for help and ideas?  I, in much need of help, found a website that can help in this area it’s called Tonights Task!

What Are You Going To Do...
to keep your relationship alive?

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Tonights Task

As mentioned earlier, I’m pretty clueless on what to do to keep romance in my relationship and I’m not alone, you know you are too.  So if you’re like me (and you are or you wouldn’t be reading this), what do you do to spark the romance?  Consider a sight that I’ve recently found, that’s sparking romance in the most desperate of couples.  It’s called Tonights Task. 

Often times the reason we don’t feel that romance is because the other person doesn’t know what we need in order to feel romance.  Tonights Task is an opportunity for you and your loved one to voice what you want in a relationship and then get tasks to do for that  romance.

Steps: You sign in & decide what you want for yourself and what you want to be able to give to your partner. What you want and are willing to give are listed in categories ranging from Romance to Risky, to Wild.  Your partner get’s to select there preferences to.  Do you have to have a partner online too?  No, you can just do the tasks for your partner.

My first task was to go on a date night and bring him chocolate or candy that he’d like.  This is something that I liked too.  The type of date was my choice, as was the type of candy.  I love chocolate, but he doesn’t really care for it.  Plus he’s diabetic so taking him something that isn’t sugar free wouldn’t work.  It also didn’t tell me that I had to go to an expensive restaurant. Only to go on a date.  That can mean a walk in the park or go see a movie.  The choice is mine!  I love that there’s flexibility in what I can do within each task. 

Tonights The Night!
When the spark can begin again in your relations.

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