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Buying Domain Name takes courage in my opinion. You have to choose very well and check if it is available. If yes, then you are lucky. You must get it before others take it from you. Of course, you will pay for it which costs you about $10 – 12 valid for one year. By acquiring your preferred domain, you are confident and worry free from any hassles when the time comes you would need it.

You will find here well-known and trusted seller and provider of domain names including hostgator, godaddy and many others.

* GoDaddy (which I already tried and tested)
* HostGator (famous but haven’t try)
* IPage (recommended by my friend but GoDaddy got my attention first)

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Things Happened Before I Successfully Bought My First Domain

Before anything else, I would like to share with you what stopped me from buying a domain name.

I wasn’t interested then because I knew along the way, there were many things to be learned from and studied. But I was wrong, because it took courage and determination to know and experience such things like this we thought difficult at first.

It’s so easy and as a matter of fact, I successfully set up my first website or blog which tackles about learning to earn money online.

I decided to buy my name because I don’t want others claim it and pretended to be me. Besides, I was inspired by one of the successful kid bloggers here in the Philippines: Make Money Online. I think, it doesn’t need for me to explain what his site about because it’s obvious on its name. He used his fullname (Carl Ocab) and making money online is the niche. That’s why, I decided to myself why not try to emulate what he did. Of course, what works for him doesn’t mean will work for me. I just want to get a result through trial and error. But don’t get me wrong, my works are original and I personally experienced what is written there.

I hope you too find your preferred domain name. If you have one in your mind, don’t let it be that way. Act now by buying that domain.

Updated On:
October 17, 2012

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