Challenges With And For Mechanics

Your Vehicle

I said you’re vehicle in place of your car, because vehicles is more appropriate.  After all, there are approximately 193,979,654 ‘light weight’ trucks and 40,488,025 light duty trucks, and these numbers don’t included heavy duty pickup trucks.  What that means is there are a lot of you out there that aren’t driving cars, but rather trucks of some sort.  This in turn means lots of help is needed when they break down.
There are three primary solutions if your car breaks down.  You work on it, a friend works on it, or you take it to a mechanic.  

What's your mechanic
look like?



We all have mechanics and often consider them to be doctors for are vehicles.  The reason for this is clear.  You take your vehicle to them because something is wrong.  The mechanic, like your doctor, will run test on the vehicle to find out what is wrong. 
Hopefully, you’re mechanic will know if tests need to be run, because like a ‘real’ doctor, mechanics can run up a hefty bill trying to figure out what’s wrong.
Often times it’s something simple, like a thermostat if your car’s overheating.  But sometimes it’s hard to find out exactly what’s wrong, and because of that tests are often needed.   We’ve all had that car bang, clank or hiss, that just wasn’t able to be found out.
That’s why I’ve put finding the problem at number one on my list of challenges with mechanics.

Diagnosing what's wrong...
is 99 % of the problem.

Challenges With And For Mechanics80791

The Mechanic

If you have a good mechanic, diagnosis is 99%, the other 1/2 a percent is find a mechanic that actually knows what they are doing.  Why?  While this should be obvious find a mechanic that not only knows what they’re doing, but also knows they can have fair prices is a hard combination to be sure.
How to find that type of mechanic can be as easy as asking your friends whom they go to.  Friends are the best resource to find out who is good to go to, as well as who  you need to stay clear from.  If you ask your friends (even if you’re new to the neighborhood), you’re going to a mechanic that works for you and not against you. 

The Parts
are the last major challenge!

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The Pats

Last on my list are the parts.  The parts are arguably the most important part, after all it’s not possible to fix the vehicle if you don’t have the part.  But where do you get the parts from and how difficult is the part to get.  
Part of this is determine by how new the car is.  After all, the new the car, the easier it’s going to be to find the parts.  The challenge with new cars is simply finding a good distributor.  If you’ve worked on cars for awhile you probably have one that you tend to use, if you don’t consider one called National Auto Parts.
This business carries hard to get parts, as well as everyday parts.  So, what are hard to get parts.  Older vehicles often have hard to get parts for.  But not just older vehicles, often times vehicle that are higher end and foreign cars.  Now foreign made cars arent’ as difficult as they used to be to find parts.  But they can still be challenging, especially if you live in a small town.
It’s this challenge of getting the parts that you need, when you need them that makes Parts the final item on my list. 

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