Decorative Room Dividers

Do not hesitate to stop by to view my short-listed decorative room dividers in case you are looking for a similar product with the purpose of creating a private area or decorate your living room and a touch of elegance feel.

When step-in my living room, you’ll see the dining area on your left and the tea-drinking area at your right. Thus, I am planning to grab 2 pieces of room dividers to section off these two functional areas in an elegant way at the same time enhance my living room decor.

On this page, I will show all my favorite collections include display stands and the hanging units as well as my experience to pick the one that suits my needs. (Image Credit: Amazon)

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Elegant Living Room Decor with Decorative Room Dividers and Screens

Elegant Metal Room Divider Screen

My husband questioned me about the reason why I short-listed the following units. He said they seem like not fall into the decorative room dividers category. For him, the decorative items should come with some colorful paintings.

Anyhow, I look at them in a different way. The right-side one features a beautiful curve on top of the panels while the left-side one comes with an accent design. Both are great pieces that could add elegance to any room.

 4-Panel Room Divider Screen4-Panel Room Divider Screen
79″W x 69 3/4″H. #ad

3-Panel Metal Folding Screen3-Panel Metal Folding Screen
56″W x 72″H. #ad

Oriental Style Room Screen Divider

Coaster Oriental Style Black Framed Room Screen Divider

72” W x 70.25”H composed of 4 panels with each piece approximately 17 3/4″ in width

Did I mention where I want to place a free-standing divider? I actually plan to place it in front of my tea drinking area. Thus, I wish to find the one that features an oriental style that could reflect the Kung Fu tea art.

I then online searching by using Google Images and found this black frame room divider. I like the small rectangle shape that makes this living room furniture the elegant one. Furthermore, its panel screen is not that plain as the metal frame units presented above.

Decorative Wooden Room Dividers

I found that the majority of wooden units are feature oriental style. I personally like the right-side one which comes with a cherry wood frame and transparent fabric inlay. But my husband asked me to consider the left-side one which features a white artificial rice paper screen accompany the natural finish wood. The reason he has given is that light color furniture could match with other decorative items in our living room.

Folding Room Screen DividerFolding Room Screen Divider
71″H x 70″W. #ad

Room Divider Shoji ScreenRoom Divider Shoji Screen
(18″ x 4 ) x 71″ H. #ad

My Favorite Choice

ORE International Black 4 Panel Plum Blossom Screen Room Divider

60 inches wide by 10 inches deep by 70-1/2 inches high

Yes, this is similar to the one presented at the top corner. I like plum blossom which lives during wintertime. When looking at the flower, there is an adage that comes to my mind: “April showers bring May flowers”. The plum blossom not only reminds me of “no cross, no crown”, it also gives me a sense of elegance.

Furthermore, this stable wood frame is lightweight which makes it easy to move and folds flat when the cleaning task is in progress in the living room and the tea-drinking area. Last but not least, the price is within my budget. Guest, how much it cost? The discount price is below $100.

Decorative Room Dividers and Screens

I took the right-side unit into the consideration before I saw the one features a plum blossom screen. It gives me a sense of well-organize. However, it looks a little bit monotonous when compared to my favorite unit.

I like the bamboo print screen as well. I will consider the left-side one if it painted with green color. Having said that, it would be an ideal pick for living rooms with a black and white theme.

Floral Accented Room Screen DividerFloral Accented Room Screen Divider
69″W x 70 1/4″H. #ad

Black Bamboo Print Shoji ScreenBlack Bamboo Print Shoji Screen
70″ tall x 72″ wide. #ad

Wall Hanging Contemporary Room Divider Screen

Decorative Room Divider, Dancing Bubbles

3-Feet 3-Inch by 7-Feet 10-Inch

Remember I mentioned I need 2 pieces of decorative room dividers? The display stand unit will be placed in front of the tea-drinking area. And this decorative screen will be hanging in between the living room and dining area.

As privacy is not my buying criteria, thus I pick this frosted-look divider that features a transparent Vinyl panel. With its simple design, it is nice to match my living room decor.

Decorative Hanging Room Dividers

I am actually planning to choose a purple color room divider to hang in between my living room and dining area. But since I already decided to pick the free-standing unit which features plum blossom, I give up the following handing units. They actually are great choices to add a touch of elegance to any area they placed.

Decorative Hanging Room DividersDecorative Hanging Room Dividers
3-Feet 3-Inch by 7-Feet 10-Inch. #ad

Purple Blossoms Hanging Room DividerPurple Blossoms Hanging Room Divider
3-Feet 3-Inch by 7-Feet 10-Inch. #ad

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