Pressurized Temporary Partition Walls

Temporary Partition Walls

Pressurized partition walls are temporary systems that employ pressure instead of screws, nails, or adhesives to remain in place. They’re very convenient to use and doesn’t cause any forms of damage to the existing walls, ceilings, nor floors.

Furthermore, in case that you want to have a unique office partition, office dividers, office walls, and privacy walls; these pressurized walls could be merged into a variety of colors and designs to achieve that effect.

These room dividers are also versatile. They can be used for any office layouts that are in need of semi-permanent walls, cubicles, or dividers to separate the spaces with a modern twist.


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Uses For Temporary Partition Walls

There are many uses for temporary partition walls, here are some examples:


For Roommates

We all know how troublesome it is to share rooms with a stranger. However, with a pressurized wall, your one bedroom apartment could easily turn into a 2 bedroom suite. As a matter of fact, you can even turn a 2 into a 3 if you like. In order to experience a more personal space, it’s advisable to install noise reduction. Depending on the preferences of the owner, dry walls with different thickness could also be placed on each side.


For a Nursery

Building a nursery room in a matter of hours is possible with the use of temporary walls. As soon as the crib is relocated from your bedroom into the nursery, you and your spouse can finally enjoy your intimate moments once again. On top of that, your baby can sleep like an angel as he or she enjoys their own privacy.


Perfect for the Home Office

A home-based office can give you an overall flexibility inspiring you to be more efficient. Having an instant office is possible by just simply installing a pressurized wall or two.


A Walk-in Closet

If a small closet isn’t enough to keep all your wardrobe, then a walk-in closet would be perfect. Why not use a pressurized wall to set up your very own walk-in closet.


For Special Events

You can divide your room for one event, set up a pressurized wall to create another room that is either larger or smaller in size for the following event.


Installing a standard pressurized wall normally takes around 4 to 5 hours. And of course larger walls would require more time. Other factors such as accessibility, or extras can also affect the installation process.

These walls wouldn’t damage your home or put your security deposit at risk if you live in an apartment. In fact, your landlady and your real estate broker would even be delighted with this. Quick dismantling services are also available to uninstall these walls. You may still need to patch things up with the use of some plaster or paint. The company that installs them will cover this.

It doesn’t matter whether you need to have a new space for a new member of the family, a new roommate, an office room, or a walk-in closet. Pressurized walls are always handy for these situations and you wouldn’t even face the dread of having renovations.

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