When You Need More Room

There are many reasons that we may need extra room.  The need for extra room can spring-up from any number of reasons.  Your mother-in-law may be coming to live with you.  You’re wife may have just told you that she’s having a baby, or maybe it’s you have decided to work from home, and want to have an office, just for you. 
Whatever the reason, you need more room in your home.  Now most people I know don’t have enough money to construct a new room.  Or they live in an apartment and they don’t have the option of adding a room on in the traditional sense of the word.  
If this is you, consider pressurized walls.  They can not only make a difference, but they very well may be the perfect solution. 
Consider the following things 

Getting The Extra Room You Need...
May be as simple as adding an extra wall.

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Free Standing Walls

Part of the challenge in an apartment, on a military base, or if you have little money, is where to get that extra room.  After all, apartments and the military aren’t going to let you tear walls down, in order to change the size of the room.
But what most will do is this:  Allow you to have a free standing pressurize wall put in.  There’s a lot of reason for this including the fact that they are easy to put in, and just as easy if not easier to take out.
This is arguable the best advantage to having a pressurize walls.  After all, how can someone object if it’s not on them to do, won’t take long to do, and can be taken down just as easily? Most can’t and wont argue, that you can’t but are more than glad to allow for you to. 

Easy To Take Up...
easy to take down, that’s huge when you live in places that are resistant to editions.

A Wall…And French Doors

When you want to add a room, consider that you can add that wall we talked about earlier and add a French Door, for that second wall.  That’s going to do a lot of things for the appears of that extra room.
It’s also going to make your home or apartment increase in esthetic appearance, warmth, comfort and lovability. As you can see in the picture to the left, it’s a wonderful edition to your home.   
Again, this is something that’s easy to put up, and adds that extra room you need quickly.  But, what is something that you may need to consider that you may not be aware of?

There Is Something That You...
must know before getting pressurized walls.

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Be Aware Of…

There’s absolutely one thing that is a must to find out about when you’re looking at having pressurized walls put in:  Do they lease them or do you buy them.  
Why’s this so important?  Consider a car if you will.  When you go to buy one, you can lease it or buy it.  If you buy it, it’s one and done.  If on the other had you chose to lease it, you will have a balloon payment at the end.
How does that translate for pressurized walls?  Simply put, pressurized walls can be bought outright, or you can lease them.  Like with a car, if you buy it outright, it’s one price and done.  If on the other hand you chose to lease it, you will be under contract for as long as you have the wall.  And each time the contracts up, they can raise the price on you.
Not all companies will lease you a pressurized wall.  Just like not all companies will sell you a wall.  My preference is always to buy it outright so that you don’t have the price go up every time the contract expires.
I understand everyone views this issue differently, but it’s critical that you do what’s best for you not the company you may be working with.  It’s also critical that you know if you want to lease or buy.  
Never let a company tell you that you don’t have choices in this issue, you do!  Make sure you keep the power in your court. 

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