Do-it-yourself – chi kung:

Qigong – chi gung – chi kung etc.

The first primary and main lesson of che gung is to stand
still with hands, comfortably extended with elbows at the sides (at the bottom
of the ribcage) and with palms turned upwards then:

Slowly breathe. Breathe, breath in the air.

Breathing from the diaphragm – Diaphragmatic breathing; deep
belly breathing.



The slower the better. Continue weekly, daily, or as often as
you can.

The Taoist (Daoist) understandings of breath is that it has
elements within the air we breathe which contains tiny sub atomic fundamental
energies of an undetectable type; a weak force flowing within and throughout everything:
it is the underlying fundamental principle of the Universe.

Without this unseen principle there would be no physical
universe, without breathing there would be no human life.

So breathe it in.

Do this also as often as you can remember yourself to do it;
eventually it becomes automatic. Do it outside in the fresh air, near trees,
rocks, flowing water. Never in polluted locations; inner cities with bad air
pollution are risky: so use an air ionizer and if possible an air ozone
generator (good ozone) in the room you use for che gung.

The flow of the che energy within the body, builds up over
time, it takes quit some type to accumulate sufficiently to manifest itself to
your consciousness, but when it does you ‘know’. So keep it up.

You can do it sitting down in pleasant locations, quietly,
silently, slowly breathing. It stills the mind. Brings peace, stops the chattering
mind, reduces worries and lowers stress.

Correct breathing – che gung – ‘life energy’ – strengthens
the inner organs of the body and is far superior in bodily strengthening than
sports type training in which the body muscles are built up and hardened; inner
strength needs not show exterior visibility.

The body will excrete toxins, in the urine, faeces and ear
and nasal cavities, triggered by the che gong you do. Importantly it is also
good to have a varied healthy diet and drink good chemical free water.

A balanced inner calm state is the result.

A lot of people are making good money from teaching all
sorts of things to do with the so called more advanced methods of che gung as
esoteric mysteries and as a martial art. So beware some just want your money.

Once you know what the benefits are from this; do-it-yourself
che gung practice, then by all means follow it up with more advanced activity.

One practitioner that appears to hold the correct ways is
Roosevelt Gainey (USA) but there are others following correct alignment
methods, and a good teacher is worthy of a fee.

The TAO is known in many spiritual practices, the SHIN of Judaism, the Father in Christianity, the ineffable absolute in Islam. There is one ultimate source to this reflected in many paths.

The safe and correct path is to do breathing; a long slow intake of breath through the nose, same long exhale through the mouth, build it up (no rush) to half an hour of this a day then increase it to three or four times a day.

Chi means Breath / life (life is breathing) Gong is work: breath work.

There is another side to all of this; so be wary, good energy originates with goodness and from God. The warping of such things by individuals aiming at powers and financial gain, and by coming under the influence of such as those seeking more worldly attributes can be harmful in many ways, to students. Almost ALL commercial Chi Gong enterprises are of this nature. One such extreme example is this one: Dangers of Chi

Old Chinese proverb: if you are going to teach yourself be sure to have a good and correct master.

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