Does Caboki Work?… What You Need To Know Before You Buy!

You’ve seen all the ads and now are wondering “Does Caboki Work”.  I was wondering the same thing after I saw one on YouTube and decided to look into it.

Turns out that Caboki does work, it makes thinning spots on your head less noticeable.

You should know going into it that Caboki, and other products like it, is just an illusion.  A good illusion but still it’s not real hair and it is not a permanent hair lost solution!

Caboki is a kind of powdery stuff that sticks to your scalp and remaining hair.

On your scalp it forms a mat to hide the bare patches.  When it sticks to the hair you have left it “plumps” it up and makes it seem fuller and more than it is.

Is this a perfect solution?   Probably not but it isn’t all that expensive, it’s not dangerous and it doesn’t hurt.

Caboki? Free Shipping?  Yep, it’s one of the things I love the most about shopping online.  If you do it right, you can shop from the comfort of your own home and have the products arrive right on your doorstep and NOT PAY FOR SHIPPING!

But I digress… Here’s the Caboki I’ve been talking about. Share your thoughts in the guest book below.

Caboki Hair Loss Concealer (75-Day Supply)
Caboki Hair Loss Concealer (75-Day Supply)Check Price Now!

Toppik Spray Applicator
Toppik Spray ApplicatorCheck Price Now!

Toppik Hairline Optimizer (2 Pack)
Toppik Hairline Optimizer (2 Pack)Check Price Now!

As Real As It Gets!
These girls talked their co-worker into letting them apply Coboki to his balding spot during a break at work.

Check it out and decide for yourself if Cablki works or not!


Does Caboki Work? A Video Review..

10 Things You Should Know Before Buying Caboki

Caboki Hair Loss Concealer (75-Day Supply) Check Price Now!
Caboki Hair Loss Concealer (75-Day Supply)
Before you commit to buying Caboki or any product like it you should know the following.  Informed shoppers are happy shoppers.  We likes them!

1. It’s useless if you are bald (or have a buzz cut).  Yes, you have to have SOME hair for it to be effective or you’ll just look like you painted your head.  No one wants that.

2. You’ve got to put it on fresh every day.  So this means washing and drying your hair each morning (or when ever you get up).

3. It takes some time to get good at putting it on like the folks in the video.  Early on it might take you 10 min to put it on and clean yourself up (sloppy is as sloppy does after all).  You’d think this would be obvious but you’d be surprised at how many folks get upset because they aren’t good at it the first time.  You have been warned.

4. You should use some hair spray after application to help it stay put.

5.  IMPORTANT INTELL for you white collar guys out there!  It can flake off a bit (kinda like dandruff) so when you visit the rest room be prepared to dust off your collar and shoulders.
6. Do NOT Comb your hair after application or you’ll brush it off and have to start all over!

7. Do NOT let anyone run their fingers thru your hair while wearing Caboki.  It WILL stick to fingers.  Sorry, fellas, you gotta tell her to keep her hands to herself LOL

8. I’ve heard that you shouldn’t sleep with Caboki or any similar product on your head.  It can be suffocating to your scalp and lead to blocked pores or even weaken your existing hair folicles.  NOT what you want to be doing if you have a thin spot to begin with.  So brush or wash it out before bed, OK?

9. It’s not good to have rain splashing on your head while wearing this product

10. Oh, and Hats can rub it off so you’ll have to decide how important that baseball cap is to you.

Thin Spots?
Don’t Put Up With Them! There are plenty of options on the market. Find the right one for you Today!

Caboki And Other Popular Hair Loss Treatments… Which Is Right For You?

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