Dog Breaks World Record for Most Tennis Balls Held in His Mouth—And Social Media Users Are Thrilled

This 6-year-old pup has proven that anything is possible if you put your mind to it—or in this case, your mouth.

Earlier this week, Finley the Golden Retriever broke the Guinness World Record for the most tennis balls held in a dog’s mouth at one time.

According to his human companion Erin Molloy, Finley has been picking up tennis balls since he was just 2 years old—and after honing his craft for much of his young canine life, he eventually succeeded in working his way up to carrying six tennis balls at a time.

Back in 2018, Molloy created an Instagram account to share her pup’s talent with the world. In addition to racking up more than 36,000 followers, Molloy discovered that the Guinness World Record for dogs carrying tennis balls in their mouthes was held by a canine who was recorded holding just five tennis balls.

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Determined to solidify her dog’s place in history, Molloy spent months gathering together the necessary evidence to prove that Finley broke the record. She told the Democrat and Chronicle that she had even gone to far to measure the size of each tennis ball and collect witness statements from her neighbors in Canandaigua, New York.

After a year of hard work, Finley was finally confirmed as the world record holder this week—and social media users have hailed the accomplishment as a welcomed break from the torrential stream of pandemic news updates.

“It’s lifting people’s spirits more than we had ever expected or hoped for, which is really fulfilling,” Molloy told the news outlet. “And it’s really rewarding knowing that something as simple as a good boy is making people smile all over the world.”

(WATCH the adorable video of the feat below)

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