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When autumn comes, as summers leaving we often have a small problem.  Well, it’s really a big problem if you like fresh vegetables.  You see, we often think that fresh vegetables stop, when summer comes to a close.  But I did some research and discovered that such is not the case.  If you are like I used to be, and think that there are no fresh veggies in the autumn and winter think again.  I’ll give you some ideas, and it’s by no means a complete list of fresh veggies for the autumn and winter, but simply a starters list, to get you thinking about what the possibilities are. 
Yes, the possibilities are deep, and you don’t have to stop just because the weathers changing.  Quit the opposite, you now have the option of growing vegetables year round.  Think about it ~ If it wasn’t possible, vegetables would be completely missing during the autumn and winter, but they’re not.  Why?  Because there are vegetables that you can grow during these seasons…take a look! 

Does this garden look out of the question for you...
or intimidating? I have a solution for you…keep reading!

What Can You Grow?

What Can You Grow?

As I indicated, there are tons of things that you can grow.  But for those of you that aren’t aware, there are many vegetables that you can grow and have fresh in the autumn and winter.  Have you ever thought about what season fresh broccoli, onions, zucchini, cauliflower and spinach are grown?  That’s right, they are actually autumn and winter vegetables.  Which means, when you’re buying them during other seasons, you’re not only not getting the best, but you’re not getting the freshest.  It’s why those vegetables not only seem to be smaller, but are smaller. 
The same is true for cabbage and pumpkins.  It’s not a coincidence that  pumpkins are the center of harvest celebrations as well has Halloween.  You see, pumpkins are not only good to eat, but they come into peak season during the fall, during harvest.  So, guess what, that’s when they promote them, and that’s why they’re focus is for Halloween.  Because that’s when their season is, that’s when they are ripe. 

light up the nights during harvest time!!!

Fall Vegetables68270

But there’s more!

Of course there’s more and even though I’m stopping here, there’s more for you than what’s here.  Your job is to search it out.  
Autumn vegetables continue with Brussels sprouts,  Belgian endive and yes onions, are wonderful to pick from at this time.  They will be fresh and you’ll taste the difference.  My family and I were walking a road where we live this week.  We’ve had berries from the store, but there were fresh black berries along the road.  We all picked some and ate them fresh and we ALL had the same comments, how much better these tasted when we got them fresh off the vines as apposed to buying them in the store.
So, how do you get that fresh taste during the autumn and winter months?  You grow your own with grow boxes!  If you get the right type, it’s not hard.  They have everything in them that you need, and all you will need is the seeds!  Why?  Because you know what you want to grow and how much you want to grow, know one can know that for you!   

You can have your own
garden patch if you want to!

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