Final Fantasy XI

What people think about FFXI

I’ve been playing ffxi for 9 years now. Some people leave the game because they don’t have the time to put into the game because of work or other real life things. I love the game myself. What other people that play the game really think about it is something I really couldn’t say. But if I had to guess, I would say more people love the game just the same. SE did an amazing job with ffxi. As far as 14 goes, I do have some objections about it. The graphic to me are a little way out there and somewhat too cartoony for me. That is why I’m still playing ffxi. Plus there is still so much left for me to complete on ffxi. I might try 14 one day, but not any time soon. More people would play 14 if they had not just thrown it together. Yes there are some that might argue my case over that reason. Maybe say that I’m wrong and they didn’t jsut throw it together. Any real gamer should see my point.

I’ve been told that WoW is a lot better than ffxi, but that I am not going to venture into, only because I’m a die hard Final Fantasy player. My wife told me she hates Abyssea. Yes I do see the point she is trying to make,but also at the same time players maybe taking the easy road to leveling up,and that is their choice. She doesn’t have to do Abyssea. It will just be there. I will write more later. Signing off to log into FFXI. WOOT! Ophi

Ok guys, I’m back. Yesterday when I logged on I watched and a voidwatch shout was going on for Pil. So I ask for an invite, and of course as always they wanted me to go black mage. So I went on black mage. After the 2nd time we beat him I got the chakram for +6 evasion. After the 3rd fight I got Toci’s Harness! I was so excited! I told my older brother about it and he got jealous. He said to me “You are f-n lucky.” Then he said “Well I hope you have 2 million gil. Cause now you need the head peace off AH.” Then I told him I already have it! Lol, he was like ” >.> “. I looked at the +1 head peace and they wanted 5 million gil for it. I was thinking to my self uhhhhhh,yea, no, I don’t think so! My wife wants to join the LS that me and my 2 brothers play in, but I told her that it wouldn’t be cool to do that. My oldest brother can be a trouble maker at times, but I told her ok anyways, and if it didn’t work out we’re going to start our own LS. So she said ok. AFK, will write more later. Thanks for viewing 🙂

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