Guide For Choosing Childhood Books And Why The Diary Of Wimpy Kid Is A Must Read

When it comes to enhancing the cognitive development of a child, very few approaches can be as effective as reading a book. Long before majority of the kids can read, they greatly benefit from the linguistic exploration that is brought about by their parents reading to them. Childhood books come in all kinds of themes, some with familiar or new characters and some also incorporate sensory stimulation with aspects such as music and other different textures. The right book can aid parents witness astounding cognitive development during their child’s formative years. It is unarguably true that kids all over the globe cannot just get enough of Jeff Kinney’s relatable and hilarious stories about the character Greg Heffley and his pals. Many parents are constantly looking for childhood books they can buy their kids. The process of selecting children’s books can be daunting but with proper knowledge it can be very easy

Roderick Rules Diary of a Wimpy KidTo begin with, it is advisable to choose books that are enjoyable. Contrary to adults, young children do not have any interest venturing into the world of non-fiction or literature. Many kids want to hear stories that are just full of fun and laughs. Books from the diary of a wimpy kid are very popular. Each of the books in the diary is short, fun and has a happy ending. When looking for an enjoyable book, it is advisable that parents focus on the appropriateness of the text for a given age. There are some books that can be a hit with young adults and pre-teens but may not hold any attention from preschool children. Majority of the kid’s books have some age category classifications that can aid parents with the process of selecting.

When selecting childhood books, it is also advisable that parents go for books with familiar characters. Individuals with experience in cognitive development believe that books with familiar characters and some catch phrases engage children more and make them want to read on and on. When children engage with the character, their linguistic skills greatly flourish even when they are not reading. Books in the diary of a wimpy kid feature well-known characters in addition to catchy phrases. By focusing on popular characters, it is very easy for parents to find children’s book sets and diaries.

Another way through which parents can select childhood books is by looking for books that are interactive. Whether it is just a children’s sound book or any other book that portrays some interesting textures, interactive books are unarguably an excellent way of stimulating a child’s senses. Such books tend to encourage learning and discovery through both sound and touch, with books in the diary of a wimpy kid being the epitome of this. These books tend to introduce young children to the important concept of object permanence which later aids them in interpreting the world thy live in. In addition, these books stimulate kids to see far beyond the world within their immediate view, a useful aspect in their preschool years. At older stages, the books can also help kids with their academic development.

When selecting childhood books, it is important that parents go for books that are bundles with diversity. Children are known to love repetition particularly when they establish good relations with certain characters. However, nothing pushes their cognitive development extremely other than diversity. Establishing this kind of diversity is not difficult as long as you have the diary of a wimpy kid. Kids are more willing to change some of their selections when there are numerous choices available for them.

With the selection process made easy with these tips, there are some childhood books that should not miss on a parent’s list. The diary of a wimpy kid is definitely a must-read for kids. If you are still wondering why this story is a must-read for your children, read through to see why. is due to the fact that it is one of the most funny, touching and relatable children’s stories to hit bookshelves in the past ten years or so. The book was initially created by Jeff Kinney and actually published online until the year 2007 when it was brought as a hardback. Currently known to be among the best-selling children’s books, the diary of a wimpy kid has also been converted into a film and there are different pieces of merchandise a parents can purchase for her kids.

Initially, diary of a wimpy kid was written for the purpose of adult audiences. The creators of the book actually though the book’s appeal would be similar to that of the book “The Wonder Years”. However, it later turned out that the book was loved more by the kids. The book was originally published online in the year 2004 containing 217 pages. In the year 2007, the website had received more than twenty million views and it was at that time that the hard book was released following many requests for its publication. The entire story however was something that Jeff had been working on since the year 1998.

The story itself gives a tale of Greg Heffley’s first day of attending middle school. The story talks about all the funny things he faces and experiences as he attempts to adjust to his new environment. Almost all kids can relate this story to starting a new life in a new school. Greg is not only troubled with fitting at his new school but also in his local neighborhood. It is his extreme creativity in handling the problems he comes across that gives the story unending humor. The entire book is Greg’s diary of all that happens to him.

The diary of a wimpy kid contains eight books and some two extra one-off books. The books can be found in more than forty one different languages. Since the book was first published, more than seventy five million copies have been sold all over the world and the books do not show any sign of losing their popularity in the near future or even decades to come.

The first book introduces Greg together with his sidekick Rowley commencing life at a brand new school. They both start on an equal footing but as time goes by Rowley begins to get more popular. On the other hand, Greg thinks he can use Rowley’s popularity to his advantage. The book itself is very funny with some hilarious outcomes and you get to witness the blossoming friendship between the two little boys.

Little Girl Diary of a Wimpy KidThe second story in the series is Rodrick Rules which focuses on the commence of a new school year. Greg is trying all he can to put all the previous year’s events behind his back. That is not easy for Greg to do but with the help of his big brother Rodrick, he is able to succeed. In this story, you can follow Greg as he attempts to maintain his reputation in spite of his elder brother’s interference. The last straw is the third book in this amazing series and it talks about Greg as his father does all he can to make him a tougher boy. His father plans many manly activities but luckily, Greg manages to wade through them. However, when his father brings up the military camp, Greg realizes he needs to come up with something better to get out of it.

The fourth story in the series is the “Dog Days”. This story features Greg’s mum as she attempts to make their summer full of great family togetherness. There is a new addition to the family and it turns out to be one of Greg’s most trying summer. The story “The Ugly Truth” is the fifth in the entire series and is incredibly popular for the manner in which it features the same irresponsible and often clueless whimpy kid who is just about to go through his puberty. This story comes when Greg and Rowley have just become ex-best friends forcing Greg to face puberty all alone. Everyone everywhere is talking about puberty including his mother and grandma. It is then that Greg realizes there is much more expected from him.

Cabin fever is the sixth installment in the extremely thrilling wimpy kid diary. In this story, it is already November and Greg is just worried about coming up with Santa’s list. In this story, Greg does not seem to do away with his mischievous misadventures. Kids reading this story will laugh about Greg’s playground sad state, the kids’ attempts to sneak energy drinks when the school’s soda machine is removed and the manner Greg gets rewarded for his online pets. This is a story that portrays plenty of laugh than many others in the series.

The seventh book in the series is “The Third Wheel”. In the seventh volume of this mega-popular series, Greg Heffley who is the central character gives a description of his formative years to the extent of reaching memories of his life while still in the womb. In this volume, Greg also recounts a school controversy concerning toilet paper, an individual who pulls down fellow guys’ pants at some very embarrassing moments, his uncle and his unforgettable struggles to get a date for his school’s dance. Similar to other volumes in the series, Greg is seen to make numerous mortifying errors in his judgment and as a result, hilarity ensues.

The eighth book in this unmistakably wonderful series is “Hard Luck” In this story, poor Greg’s one time friend does the unthinkable by getting himself a girlfriend. Now Greg has no one to walk with to school or carry books for him. Greg is eventually compelled to find himself another sidekick. The only person desperate to take the offer is Fregley, Greg’s bizarre neighbor who messes it up on their first trip to school by dropping all of Greg’s books. Easter then approaches and mothers begin quarreling their sisters and at the same time cousins come visiting.

Individuals who have read the entire series can confirm that it is such an excellent job Jeff does to create different humorous situations. There is not even a single tale in the entire series that your kid will not love to read. These books can be purchased online for as little as five pounds each. Alternatively, one can choose to purchase the box set where one can save a lot of money.

In the year 2010, the diary of a wimpy kid film landed on the big screen. The film’s director was Thor Freudenthal and the entire film was designed to be a semi-teen comedy. Several other films were created including the dog days in 2012 and Rodrick Rules in the year 2011. In the entire series the Dog days is the most popular one and all other films can be purchased in standard definition. There are different merchandise pieces that a parent can lay his hands on. From the mugs to novelty figures, there is definitely something for every fan of the series. Investing in the book sets and DVD is a perfect idea for the die-hard fans of the series. Generally, the diary of a whimpy kid is more than just perfect for kids. If your kid has not seen the films or read the stories, it is the high time you educated them. They are going to thank you for introducing this funny and lovable character into their tender lives. It can greatly help if you go out of your way to create fun facts to help keep your kids interested and hooked to the story. For instance, it was the idea of Greg’s mum for him to have a diary. With respect to this, parents could also suggest that their own children keep their own diaries.

Reluctant readers have gradually turned to be big fans of this bestselling series which some parents will either tolerate because they are thrilled their kid is reading or dislike because the central character, Greg, is always engaging in an activity that is somewhat rotten.

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