How To Avoid Familiar Spirits and The Devil’s Demons

Familiar Spirits, What Are Your Thoughts?

When you hear the phrase ‘familiar spirits’ you could easily be confused into thinking that they are just spirits, or ghosts, that you are either familiar with or that come from your family, which is the root of the word familiar. However, that’s not the case at all, they are instead demons. Many times these demons are brought to the real world by mediums, people that have connections into the underworld, and they are used to obey commands, some good and others bad. In the bible, these demonic beings usually take the form of a person that you know in order to deceive you into doing something that you wouldn’t normally even think of.

It Is Believed That The Devil Uses Familiar Spirits Against Us

Many people believe that one of the main weapons, or strategies of deception, used by the devil is to take control of various people and use them to convince normal people to do evil deeds that they would never do otherwise.
Sometimes this controlling spirit is called the Jezebel Spirit, and you’ll hear people call hookers and drug dealers ‘Jezebels’ and this is in reference to that control. It’s thought that the sex of the hooker, or the drugs of the drug dealer are part of the controlling spirit.

The name Jezebel was originally from the wife of King Ahab from Israel in parts of the Old Testament, and she was, of course, very sinful. She helped influence the conversion of Israel into worshiping Baal, Asheroth and Tammuz, which were considered false gods.

There Are Other Forms Of Familial Or Demonic Possession

People that are possessed usually have incredible physical strength and can’t be restrained without several helpers. They’re ant-social and very self-destructive and will sometimes cut or mutilate themselves with knives or broken glass.
This is right in line with many of the problems people have while hooked on various drugs, such as opiates or methamphetamine, where they have extraordinary strength and will sometimes cause harm to their own body’s while feeling no pain.

It is believed that these possessed people can be saved by accepting Jesus Christ into their lives, then they’ll return to normal. However, any swerving from the right path could lead to immediate relapse into demonic possession, so it’s important to keep the channels of communication open to Christ.

There Are Many Religions That Believe In Familiar Spirits

It’s not just Christianity that has the beliefs in these types of demons. Many other religions also have similar laws as well. In Islam, they are strongly against the use of drugs and alcohol for many of the same reasons as Christians.
In addition to that, they also are against the practice of witchcraft, Oiji boards, mediums, or any type of communication with the dead or their spirits. So it’s a common concept in many parts of the world to stay away from demons and any kind of deceptions that they may use in their schemes.
In any case, there are a lot of reasons to avoid drugs and alcohol, as well as certain types of people, so religion has its value in directing people away from harm. There are plenty of stories in the bible and other places that all help point people towards good and away from evil so they can prosper and thrive in the world while avoiding problems associated with evil.


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