The lie Gene

So why do we lie……

Some people call a lie, a fib, a story, a tale, or the untruth. No matter how you call it, it is still a lie. Why do people both young and old feel the need to streeeeeeetch the truth? Is it because they forgot the story, are seeking attention, trying to avoid incriminating themselves and facing trouble, want to seem import or simply that they cant help themselves?

I believe that kids lie for a number of reasons, but mostly for attention or to avoid punishment. Some just have wild imaginations, but really mean no harm. Others simply are compulsive liars, so sad but often true of our young generation.

Adults on the other hand, they lie to make themselves seem more important, probably avoid trouble too and maybe even because they inherited the lie gene. Yes, I believe that lying is inherited. If you do a thorough background check on a liar, you will find another liar somewhere in the family.

Do I personally lie? I can say in the past that I have, as a child and adult. Now as I am more mature I don not lie, honestly. I tell the truth at all times, when I feel like I can’t be honest, I keep quiet. I believe that lies can rapidly snowball into something greater that would otherwise be history and no big deal. I think that people in general should practice being truthful and teaching there children to be honest as well.

Is telling a lie really a big deal, when or if no one is hurt? Or is it always a big deal to tell a lie even if it’s what we have termed “a little white lie” in my opinion a lie is a lie, no matter how big or small. When the lie is told, its intent is to deceive the receiver of the story. Deception is a form of trickery, fraud, or cheating. So is it alright for a woman to trick a man into thinking she is on birth control, if she’s just trying to get pregnant but not hurt him physically? Is it alright to defraud the bank out of money? It was only $20 that got put into your account by accident. Is it alright to cheat on a test if you only needed one answer? I guess it comes down to this, morals. Do you value the truth over a lie? Does it matter if you hurt someone emotionally? Will the bank really go bankrupt because of $20? Will cheating once be a big deal, really?

Well honestly, I cannot answer theses questions for you. You must evaluate your principles, how your actions will affect others and your ability to live with whatever consequences are the result of your actions. In the end, it’s the person who you stare at in the mirror each day that must live with the reality of the truth or lie!

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