How to photograph Sunspot from your camera

Photographing Sunspot

This article is to give tips to those who have a DSLR camera, with the zoom lens of about 500 mm. So, the procedure is based on this basic requirement.
In mid range camera also, we can also get a similar result, but the zoom lens must be having equivalent to 500 mm, compared with 35 mm film camera standard.
The camera should have at least 12 Megapixel resolutions. The camera should have a manual mode to get the best result.
 A good view point is a must to  get the best result.
First thing is, the Sunlight focused   on CCD screen of the camera can damage the CCD of the camera, if we try to take the picture before 5 PM, that is when the Sun is bright. We can plan the photo during the last few minutes of the Sunset, during which Sun light cannot damage the CCD of the camera. The following steps are to be done:
 1]Set the camera to “manual mode”
 2] Use a tripod stand, if possible, to avoid hand vibrations.
 3]The Sun is still a bright object and the camera meter should be set to ‘spot metering’ mode.
 4] set the shutter speed to 1/125 second
 5] set the zoom to 500 mm.
 6] set the aperture to f 22
 7] point towards the Sun and take many pictures by changing  shutter speeds to 1/250, 1/500 seconds.
 8] repeat the above steps for zoom set to 450 mm and 400 mm also.
 9] save all pictures in to your computer.
10] View all the pictures and edit , if required.
Note: You can see the Sunspot clearly, in the above photograph. Remember, a  clear sky can only give such sharpness. Even if there is a  thin layer of cloud, we cannot get such a sharp image.
Try it now. Best of luck.

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