Why I Ordered The Canon C100 After Watching A Canon EOS C100 Review

I Love What I Got And I Got The C100

Were you so impressed and convinced by a review that you actually bought something?
My work involves shooting promotional videos for different businesses and cameras and camcorders are my main tools.

I have tried several cameras and the one that I really wanted to get was the Canon C300. The Canon C300 though is beyond my budget so I’m not able to get one.

Then, I found out about the C100 from one of the filmmakers that I admire. I went ahead and bought it. I’ve been using it ever since.

Check out the Canon EOS C100 review that I’m referring to below.

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Want To Get The C100, Too?

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My Own Canon EOS C100 Review

The C100 is the newest and cheapest camera in the cinema line from Canon. The bigger brother of the Canon C100 is the Canon C300 and then the C500.

When I first heard about these cameras I thought they were majorly overpriced. I still think they’re overpriced but if I had to choose one that was the best bang for the buck it would be the Canon C100.

I come from a very pessimistic critical standpoint with these cameras. Their pricing, their specs, everything. After trying the C100 out, I have to say my views dramatically changed.
Straight out of the box, this is super easy to use and has everything you need to shoot right there ready to go. When you buy this camera you don’t need to purchase anything else. You get built in ND filters. You get waveforms, histogram and XLR audio inputs with 48 volt phantom power, swivel LCD and HDMI. It’s a very very intuitive camera.
There’s one thing about C100 I don’t like and that’s not having 1280 by 720. As with the C300 you get the pre record but the things that are missing are interval record, frame record and slow and fast motion.
Both the C100 and the C300 cameras share the same sensor and the best way to show this off is in low light because that’s where the C300 excels.
This camera works specially well at 21DB. It allows you to shoot in darkness with faint street lighting.
Because the C100 is small and weighs less than the C300 and has the on board microphone, it is great for run and gun shots.
 Here’s some shooting tips:
-Make sure you have the grip attachment

-At the back of the grip you can reprogram the magnification button to make it a photo button to make a custom thumbnail

-Push the auto focus button, then the auto iris button and record for run gun moments

-Don’t expect to have slow motion available. You can do this when you edit the video at post production

Why I Ordered The Canon C100 After Watching A Cano69483

Basic Video Recording Tips

Don’t record everything to save battery charge and memory

Bring plenty of available memory

Bring extra batteries

Label your equipment

Charge your devices

Ask permission from the appropriate people to record video

Accessories I use With The Canon C100

Zacuto Z-CTS Target Shooter for Canon C100, C300, C500

This is the attachment I use to help with hand fatigue.

Why I Ordered The Canon C100 After Watching A Cano69489

Zacuto Z-CPD Predator for Canon C100, C300 and C500 Cameras

Get It Here.
This helps me control the camera.

Why I Ordered The Canon C100 After Watching A Cano69537

Wasabi Power Battery

Always handy and dependable. I always carry 2 at every shoot. 

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