How to train your cat to “potty” in the toilet

Toilet training……Cats

Well i first kinda thought of training my cat to go potty in the toilet is when i was walking through the laundry room and i was walking on cat litter and it smelt horrible and i thought why does it have to stink why do they have to be messy i thought maybe they dont !!!!! so thats why i trained all 3 of my adorable kittys to go in the toilet !!!! but only one of them knows how to flush ( the oldest one )!!! well first i took all my cats into the bathroom and shut the door then i put cat nip or some cat food on the seat and of course cats get hooked so my oldest cat Hank was the first one who jumped on the toilet and started smelling and eating the food … of course that’s not all i wanted them to do… then he jumped off and my middle cat jumped on Melo the sweetest cat ever… he kind of got familiar with it too then he jumped off and last but not least my cat the baby Rico jumped on and he got familiar with it to but the funny thing is he jumped on and off so after they got familiar with it a little after a week i put their litter box in the garage …i didn’t throw it away just in case .. ..then they didn’t have one to go in so every day i put cat nip or cat food on the toilet seat then that’s where they started going cause they know better not to go anywhere else and to teach them how to flush i put cat nip on the flusher as well so they would step on it …….only one of my cats does that … for now on they go there and now i don’t even have to put cat nip on the seat or flusher……and so know no more messy laundry room with litter all over and no more stinky laundry room yay!!! now the cats use the toilet ….but sometimes i say to my self if only they knew how to clean one!!!!!!!and that’s how i trained my cats to use the toilet not the litter box….toilet vs. litter box my cats put their paw on the toilet ….which one will your cat choose…. find out :)( Thats Melo in the picture)

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