I Want Smartphone This 2013: Which Smartphone Is Best For Me?

Should I get a branded one or anything from Cherry Mobile?

I always face with new things in life that require the use of smartphone. I’m a writer at heart (online writer) who is always online most of the time but the problem is I need to be in front of desktop or laptop.
I also got an interview before that entailed me to notify the interviewer through IM but the problem is I don’t have a smartphone so I relied to my friend who has one. Sometimes, when I am inside of malls and get bored, I have nothing to do but watch the coming of people (in and out) instead of taking advantage the free wi-fi. Because of these things, I realized that I badly need a smartphone. I think it is necessary for me to have one as internet is already part of my life. Besides, Information Technology is what I took up in college so it will be an advantage to me to expose myself in this kind of stuff. I hope I could get the one that suits me.
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Smartphone That Suits Me

Choose wisely 
There are many cheap smartphones (locally or branded one) that are already released in the market. I usually see them whenever I wander inside malls with friends or found them on flyers. You can have one for as low as 3,000 pesos. That’s a real cheap! But the problem is whether I buy branded one or local made phone. In fact, Philippine made phone can compete with the branded one but I need more research before I let fly my money.
Anyway, I am still thinking of buying laptop first before anything else as it is much needed in work or for my personal gain. I will make an article about it in the future.

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Help me to find the best smartphone for me.. I need to get your opinions and suggestions. 🙂

My Thoughts About Choosing Smartphone

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Why it is called Smartphone? I think because this phone is not the usual phone we perceive wherein only calls and texts are possible, but it acts as a small pc or laptop when we think about it. It is somewhat smart as we can surf internet, swipe on the mobile screen using our fingers and listen to music just like a pocket mp3 player. Smartphone is one of my list of buy things this 2013. I will definitely save money just to have one as I think it is needed in my everyday life. The only problem I am still thinking about is which one I should buy: a branded from known company or a local made from the country I live?

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