Leveling up a world of warcraft Paladin

WOW Paladin Leveling & Quest Guide

The Paladin is very well-liked among world of warcraft players that enjoy leveling as a tank and PVP. One moment you may be tanking for your team, and you will be concentrating on your DPS skills, and shortly after that you end up playing the part of a healer. As a Paladin you will have to be able to adapt to these different situations at a moments notice. Although the Paladin is quite versatile, it does not have much to offer as far as long range attacks are concerned. Fortunately this is not much of an issue since the Paladin will pretty much always be engaged in hand to hand combat.
WOW Paladin Leveling & Quest Guide

A quick breakdown of the races you may choose from as a Paladin:

Originaly the Paladin was a alliance class exclusively so you where limited to only two races. Your only choices where a dwarf Paladin or a human Paladin. This greatly narrowed down the playing abilities of the Paladin in wow which deterred some people from playing a Paladin. The Paladin didn’t get much help from the humans 10 percent to reputation gained. As a dwarf Paladin you had the bonuses of Stone Form and Cold Resistance, but the Gun Specialization of dwarves was of no use. Both races made for a fine Paladin in wow with little advantage to either one.
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Not until the wow Burning Crusade expansion did the Paladin class expand to permit the new blood elf horde race to assume the Paladin role bringing with them the Arcane Torrent skill. On the alliance side in wow the new draenei race is able to be a Paladin which uses a neat + hit percentage aura and Hot spell.

The Paladin is a very reliable character class but in the begining take it slow and don’t be too aggressive when leveling. For the first several levels simply get a feel of your character and what you are able to do. Jump in and out of melee to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed. Do every quest you can find at first, they will help you get a better feeling of world of warcraft.
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If you think you have completed all the quests in your present area check again to be sure. Be sure to learn as much as possible from your available trainer to help in leveling your character before moving on to another area of world of warcraft. And don’t forget to look into what professions you might be interested in pursuing. You will need to learn professions so look into them early. Some professions are better than others, you will find certain professions to be helpful to you in your early levels but others more beneficial as you get to the higher levels. This may sound a little strange at this point but after you get through the first half a dozen levels or so you should put a little gold aside so that when you hit level twenty you can buy a mount to speed up your leveling in the wow.

Leveling a Paladin solo or in a group:

The Paladin has excellent fighting skills, and benefits from auras for both offense and defense plus self healing skills which are all of great benefit when playing solo. The Paladin is very well adapted to solo play and should take advantage of that fact. I recommend soloing as much as possible and only join a party when you come upon very challenging areas. The Paladin can be played as a tank and a healer which makes it a valuable team player when you are not playing solo.
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The retribution spec is a great help to the Paladin and should be use as soon as possible to increase your melee damage. The traditional sword and shield is a good combination but since the Paladin can self heal you might want to go with a two handed weapon for shear damage dealing. The Paladin spends allot of time tanking or soloing and needs to concentrate mostly on dealing massive damage. A two handed hammer will generally inflict more DPS than a one handed hammer. I don’t rule out keeping a nice one handed weapon and shield in your inventory, there will be times where they will be more successful than a two handed weapon but stick with the high DPS two handed weapon most of the time. To keep in balance with getting a good weapon, try to get some mail armor aiding your strength and stamina as you will want a strong defence as well as a strong offence. Latter on you will also find many other bonus atributes that you will like but early on just worry about these 2.


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