Leveling up a world of warcraft Priest

WOW Priest Leveling & Quest Guide

In case you are new to world of warcraft, a priest is a very highly valued addition to any group. While other classes have some healing abilities, the Priest is pretty much the king of all healers. The Priest is the quiet character in the background keeping an eye on the group and nurturing them much like a Shepherd watches over his flock.
WOW Priest Leveling & Quest Guide

Although the priest is the most powerful healer in world of warcraft, healing is just a small part of what the priest is capable of. If your going to play a priest you should mostly play in a group. Once you get to level 25 or so you will find soloing to be much easier but as I said before the Priest is primarily a group player. If this turns you off from playing a priest don’t let it, the priest is just as much fun as any other class and can be very strategic to play. One last thing before we move on, if your into playing PVP be aware that the priest is a hot target in PVP, you will want to be extra careful. Now you can see just how cool the priest is. Once you get the feel of playing a priest in a group you will find it to be much more than just a healer.
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There used to be just seven races available to the priest class, draenei’s,dwarves,human’s or night elves (Alliance) blood elves,troll’s or undead (Horde).

With the Cataclysm addition you will also be able to play gnomes and taurens as priests and both new races, goblins and worgens.

Ok, enough chat lets get your wow priest up a few levels.
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In the beginning the Lesser Heal spell will serve you well even though it does’nt sound like much, use it and the range spell Smite along with your first buff (Power Word Fortitude) and you will hold up reasonably well. Keep Fortitude on all the time for now and use it to help your group if you are with one. Make sure to keep your health and mana up, as a Priest you are very vulnerable and should pay close attention to your survival. Obviously the priest is not a hand to hand kinda class so maintain your position towards the back of the group, you are most effective when your can stay focused on your range spells. The farther you are from your enemies the better, let the hand to hand characters fight up close.

Once you reach level 4 you can use the debuff Shadow Word Pain, you will find this very helpful on your early levels. This should be your primary spell for a while but you may want to go back to Fortitude occasionally. The Shadow Word Pain debuff only lasts for a while so keep an eye on it so you can cast it again when needed.

Leveling your priest to level 6 will allow you to use a nice shielding buff known as Power Word Shield, be sure to check it out. Being that the priest is a frail character you will want to keep this shield up all the time, consider this a important part of playing a Priest. At level 6 your trainer will have the first major quest for you to complete, so don’t forget to check with the local trainer.

Leveling to level 8 will let you use the HOT spell known as Renew and also Fade.The Renew spell is your first HOT (Heal Over Time) type spell that you will get, this works great for you and your group so use it regularly. Fade is used to distract your enemies from you by controling your aggro.

Once you get to level 10 in WOW your priest really gets cool with Mind Blast. Use Mind Blast from a distance to inflict great pain to your enemies and it doesn’t use mega mana. You now have the Resurrection spell which will let you resurrect your fellow players. Also at level 10 you will receive your first talent point, check out the three different directions in which you may build your priest.

The Inner Fire defensive buff becomes available to you at level 12, this will allow you a little more constitution.
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Well, there you have it. This will get you off to a good start and by this time you should have a good feel on how to play a priest in WOW, think ahead a bit and you will do very well. You may want to get a complete guide for playing you WOW priest to make the higher levels much easier.

Thanks and Happy Gaming.


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