Leveling up a world of warcraft Rogue

WOW Rogue Leveling & Quest Guide

The Rogue is the primary DPS dealer of world of warcraft without question. The world of warcraft Rogue is very unique because of its’ incredible ability to enter a fight, do very high DPS and then vanish into the shadows. The Rogues limited armor and lack of self healing hardly hurts the Rogue when you take into consideration its’ great damage dealing ability. The Rogues’ ninja like stealth enables it to attack using it’s disengages, interrupts and stuns with such DPS that the attacked foe never has a chance to respond to the threat.
WOW Rogue Leveling & Quest Guide

Being that the Rogue is so specialized at quick melee attacks it naturaly has other limitations. Not to deter you from playing a Rogue, but the Rogue has no really effective long range attack capabilities leaving it out of the battle until it can get into the hand to hand range. Simply put, the Rogue though not being armored as well as say a warrior still spends most of its’ time in the most dangerous of situations.
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Lets take a look at the race’s available to the Rogue:

Which race you choose as a Rogue will make a big difference in the long run. Each race will benefit the Rogue differently, so take some time and see which one is to your liking.

Races available to the Alliance:

The dwarves Find Treasure ability compliments the Rogues Lockpicking skill very nicely in certain situations. Although not being the first choice to a Rogue, as a dwarf you will be able to use a mace. The Rogue will get a benefit from the dwarves Stoneform due to its resistances to bleed’s, disease’s and poison’s.
The gnome race can amplify the Rogues abilities with Escape Artist, and the Engineering specialization makes for many useful items to be used by the Rogue.
The human race is good for most classes but doesn’t do much for the Rogue. Their Sword and Mace ability is not really the Rogue’s style, but their Diplomacy and Every Man for Himself skills give some help.
The night elves Shadowmeld is of great benefit to the Rogue enabling a second disappear ability. And 1% bonus to dodge may not sound like much but every little bit helps.
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For the Horde:

The blood elves Arcane Torrent and Magic Resistance help the Rogues defenses which are lacking.
The orcs Hardness is a great help to a Rogues defenses and Blood Fury makes the Rogues all ready awesome DPS even better.
Oddly enough the troll race makes for a pretty good Rogue. They have Regeneration for self healing, Da Voodoo Shuffle to helps to counter act crowd control and Berserker which will increase the rogues DPS.
If your into the undead thing you can use Will of the Forsaken in PVP and Cannibalize to self heal rather than having to rest all the time.
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At first the Rogue will be using Sinister Strike as its primary attack along with Eviscerate and Throw. You can choose to buy Stealth if you want to.

Once you get your Rogue to level 4, Backstab should be your new attack of choice along with Sinister Strike and Throw. The Pick Pocket ability will be very helpful as well.

Sinister Strike may be increased to level 2 once you have reached level 6, or you may use the newest Gouge attack. At this point Eviscerate will still be your finish move of choice.

You can level up Eviscerate to level 2 when your Rogue reaches level 8 and to help you escape combat learn Evasion.

Once you have leveled up to level 10 you should take some time to look ahead at how you wish to play your Rogue in the future. Don’t just use your talent point’s for what seems good right now, plan on using them for what you want your Rogue to be down the road. Leveling up to level 16 or so you should have your specialization pretty much figured out, and be well on your way to being a skilled Rogue.
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From this point on there is too much information to possibly mention in this article, just pay attention to changes in your Rogues abilities and try to focus on your preferred specialization.

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