Natural Barriers: The Fence

Like A Good Neighbor…

It used to be like a huge fence. Safety all around. Kids running around playing, seemingly everywhere. Neighbors standing around in their yards, chatting. That’s the way it used to be, at least when I was growing up back in the late 60’s and 70’s. Flash forward to today. Seemingly no fence. No kids, anywhere. Empty houses. Grass overgrown. No one outside talking. Times have surely changed. Would you recognize your neighbors if you saw them in the local supermarket? That’s part of the problem with the world today. We are just too busy to even talk to our neighbors any more. I remember a time when you couldn’t do anything wrong outside of the house. Everyone was potentially going to tell on you, if they didn’t get their hands on you first. That’s when you would get disciplined by them, then the message would beat you home, and you would be in trouble, all over again ( and there were no cell phones, in fact, not many folks even had phones in their homes ). Nowadays, you probably couldn’t pick your neighbors out of a police lineup. I actually know my neighbors. Not as well as I would like, but I know them. I speak to them, when I see them out. One of them, we actually visit from time to time, to watch a game, or sit on the porch socializing. This neighbor actually loves history, too, as do I. He has a book collection that the public library would envy. I know I do. But I know this because I’ve taken the time to be neighborly. When’s the last time you’ve done anything remotely close? When we go out of town, our neighbors watch our house ( say what? ). When they go out of town, we not only watch their house, but I will go over and put their garbage out, and put the can back once it has been picked up. I will shovel their driveways in the winter when we get a lot of snow ( I’m the only one with a snowblower ), and I do it for FREE ( I know, you would love to have me for a neighbor ). Now that’s neighborly. Things of this nature are pretty much a thing of the past. We have just gotten too busy to benefit from being ‘true’ neighbors. It was like a security blanket back-in-the-day. Today, that blanket is seriously frayed, to say the least. So, when it comes to your neighborhood, would you recognize your neighbor if you passed them on the street? I certainly would. But that’s just my thoughts. What’s yours?


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