Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker – Satisfying Your Coffee Needs At Home

Nespresso InissiaNespresso is a brand name of Nestle that supplies coffee machines and special coffee capsules to create gourmet coffee easy and more affordable. One of the coffee machine selections Nestle created was the Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker, which has been marketed to be fast and ergonomic. It promises to alter and lighten up every user’s daily coffee rituals.

Nestle group is known for its popular brands of baby food, dairy, drink, chocolate, cereals, coffee and a lot more. It has been known to be a company that innovates food and beverage that caters to all ages. To cater to all coffee lovers, it built a product that helps them create and replicate the kind of coffee they order at coffee shops at the comforts of their home. They created an expanse selection of coffee machines that each has its own features and functionality but all provides the buyers one of the things they love the most?”quality coffee.

In this article, we focus on the Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker and why you should consider getting your hands on one:


Supplies coffee automatically with a push of a button, this coffee machine is small, but a powerhouse in supplying coffee for your everyday needs. It brews, preheats, and serves any flavor of coffee available in the machine, at the exact volume right at the cup you put under its tap.


A quick alternative to your morning coffee routine, this coffee machine brews your coffee in a minute, preheats in 25-30 seconds, and serves it instantly at a maximum of 2 minute time. The time you take in boiling water for instant coffee or a coffee brewer takes at least 5 minutes to boil, apart from the time taken to open the coffee package, clean the filter, and stir the coffee. Nespresso offers an alternative that is quick and can be used all throughout the day?”saving you a lot of time and effort.

Pixie Espresso MakerFlavors

It can hold 8-11 capsules for you to enjoy. Each capsule has different blends of coffee. The full range of espresso flavors that comes with this coffee machine are:

• Ristretto – full-bodied, intensely roasted espresso

• Arpeggio – has an intense body and a strong character that is enhanced by cocoa

• Roma – has a woody aroma which has a sweet, lasting taste on the palate

• Livanto – has a balanced, roasted caramelized body

• Capriccio – embodies a rich aroma and a rich character

• Volluto – has a sweet flavor with a little tinge of acidity

• Cosi – light-bodied espresso with a citrus aroma

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The Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker is very easy to use. It has a smart technology wherein it will tell you if you need to refill water. To satisfy your coffee needs, you just need to raise the handle, drop the capsule in, and close the machine. Put your cup beneath the spout of the machine and press the desired button that determines the amount of volume of your coffee. As soon as the coffee stops dripping, you can instantly enjoy your cup of joe.
Nespresso machines also turn off automatically after 9 minutes of inactivity. This is to avoid power consumption and accidents.


This coffee machine is compact and ergonomic. It is a coffee powerhouse when it supplies you a cup, but is easy to hold in the hand or find storage in your living room, kitchen, or office. Unlike other coffee machines who take up a lot of space, Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker’s size is perfect for small spaces?”it can be easily squeezed in and with its look and colors, it would surely blend in.


This coffee machine is committed to saving energy. It is energy efficient as it automatically shuts off after 9 minutes to fully stop its power consumption. It saves you a lot in the electric bill, especially if you are a coffee drinker.

The body and some of the parts used to make these coffee machines are also made with 98% recycled Nespresso capsules?”which saves the environment by minimizing wastage. If you are all for saving the environment, this coffee machine is your best bet.


This coffee machine is one of the affordable choices in the market. The price ranges from $150 to $249?”which costs less than other bulky coffee machines. The cost of each capsule is 50 cents, which is also more affordable compared to buying coffee beans that you need to brew. Aside from these cheaper price tags, in the long run, you also get to save with the Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker as it is energy-efficient. A few dollars saved in the monthly electric bill mean a lot when added together at the end of the year.


Nespresso Electric Titan

The Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker has a sleek design, and it comes in 4 different colors:

Dark Red– an elegant red that would make it pop inside the kitchen. Choosing this color would be a good complement to your kitchen interior especially if your kitchen leans on the woody theme and feel

Titanium – a deep black, this color is all for the elegant minimalist. It suits all kinds of interior look and would look great in the office, kitchen, and even in the living room.

Steel – a bright silver, this would look great in an industrial type of interior. Great for the office

Aluminum – has a classy look that would nest easily in any kind of interior. Aluminum would look great especially on a bachelor’s pad.

Nestle Pixie Espresso Maker is every coffee lover’s dream come true. With its affordable cost of maintenance, functionality, and initial purchase, you can enjoy a quality shot of espresso any time of the day you want. There’s no need to go to the coffee shop downtown and pay a hefty amount of bill just to satisfy your cravings. With this espresso machine, you get to have an unlimited supply of coffee that suits your taste and of course, your mood.

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