No 12 Steps For This Lady

I choose to no longer be trapped or steryotyped

I choose health. I choose life. I choose to wake up each morning and greet the day. I choose to be a writer, I choose to Be a Vlogger I choose to be a wife. I choose to be a friend. I choose to work out. I choose to shop. I choose to have money in my wallet. I choose to dress well and I choose to be successful.
I no longer choose to label myself as and alcoholic, recovering alcoholic a sponsee, a sponsor. I no longer choose to sit in basement and feel as if I miss a 12 step meeting I am doomed. I no longer want to replace alcohol with cookies and caffeine.
I no longer choose to spend my days talking about drinking, not drinking why I drank, what happened when I drank. I choose to no longer focus on any part of drinking the good the bad the yesterday and today.
I am not giving alcohol one more minute of my life by even acknowledging it in any way shape or form. I choose success.

I choose success I’m taking the Express Elevator

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Forget the Steps I'm taking the elevator
I am going to share with you how redirecting your focus is the answer to anything you need to change in our life. If you want to stop drinking don’t talk about it each and every day, let it go and refocus
You Can get and Stay Sober with out 12 step meetings
Follow me over the next few articles and find you have everything inside you to do what ever it is you want

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