Poems That Make You Think

Poetry Is Unique to Each Person

Expressing one’s self in poetry is never the same for anyone, it is very personal and reflects the deep inner parts of a person. Here are seven poems for you to reflect on.

The first one is called Conversation:

We were having a conversation, but you seemed to be the only one there, two of us talking, but only one of us aware. Words were being exchanged over and over again, day after day, week after week, year after year, but only one person was ever there.

Hatred is a taught thing! It is no gift of life, for destruction and pain is what it brings. Children play and love not matter the color, the money, or place they see only the person, they are taught to hate, to feel superior to another because of race or status, if you are going to teach them to hate, then make them hate war, death and pain, the mistreatment of another human being, teach them to hate poverty, sickness and crime, that kind of hatred can cure mankind.

3. Just Be My Friend:

Just be my friend, when I express my deepest thoughts and hopes to you, pouring my heart out to let out the stream of emotion, not asking for advice or wisdom from a sage, but needing you there within my realm, to listen with care, all I need from you is your listening ear. Just be my friend.

4. Me:

I am me not you, you are you not me, that’s the way it’s meant to be.
Don’t try to bend me to your will, that would only kill the will instilled inside of me to be my best that is the test of each and every one of us.

5. Menopause:

I don’t have time for this menopause, it is too much to bear I am trying to live my life, but this menopause is causing me pain, my brain and my body are going insane! One moment to the next you see, I can’t tell how I’m going to be, will I be happy will I be sad, or will i go completely mad? Menopause is like a bad friend, hanging tough, causing tears and pain, weight gain and depression I feel I could go out on a Rincon Mission.

6. What Love Ain’t!

Love ain’t arrogant and loud, demanding it’s way, or to have it’s say. Love ain’t braggin and puffed up with pride. Love ain’t selfish or full of glee over something bad that happens to another. Love ain’t mean or cruel, does not act the fool. Love is not a tool to be used to manipulate or create hate. Are you lovin?

7. Acceptance:

Accept me as I am, I cannot be you, for we are not the same mold you and I, we are unique each and every one of us. I am not a clone for you to mold and blend or to prod and push. I am free to grow and change at my own pace, not when or how you wish it to be, that’s all we can be, you and I for we have free will to live at our own stride.

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