Prepaid or Postpaid – Which of These Two Should You Choose?

Are You A Prepaid or Postpaid User?

I know it’s hard for us to choose between these two and for sure, it would be biased if you ask my preference. But honestly, it would be the first and the reasons will be laid out to you on this page.

What I am talking about here is the type of loading (cellphone plans) you want to get. Whether, you want the full control (prepaid) or pay fix amount for chosen features (postpaid). Sometimes, it has an included phone when you avail the latter.

Anyway, you are here to know which of these two suits your needs. Feel free to scan this page and get only your needs. Enjoy!

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Prepaid If You’re On Tight Budget

And want to save

As what I have told you, I’m on this side. Why? Because, I can load anytime and if only I need it. As a result, I can save and set aside money. Besides, in these times, we should be practical and only patronize what we need.

It’s obvious that cellphone loading is an expense and it’s almost part of our needs, but we should not make it a part of our top expenditures like food, bills, etc. That’s why I decided to be a member of loading business.

Postpaid If Your Lifestyle Requires It

And your work demands it

I tried to ask some of my colleagues and friends why they avail postpaid plan. And I got almost the same responses. They said that they need it because their work demands it which making calls are necessary (in order to make communication fast and swift). Besides, they pointed out that if they always do this with prepaid, they would spend more and it’s not convenient for them. Also, it seems that they save more from this and they want to make things better and more efficient.

The only thing they should face monthly is to pay their cellphone bill and endure the long lines at payment center.

My Thoughts About My Topic

And other stuff living in my mind

I’m not sure if these things apply to other countries. Since, I’m living in the Philippines, what you read here is good for the Philippines.

Anyway, since I have a business in loading, I will never get a postpaid plan no matter what. Why? Because, first, cellphones of today have a wifi feature that can access internet (be sure to have a hotspot in your area). Having this can connect you online, contact your friends and communicate with them in an instant. Second, I want to save every peso I have and spend it wisely. I want to ensure that the money I spend goes to productive thing. I think you already got my point by just reading this post. I’m not forcing you to agree with me. Just follow what’s your heart’s content and you’re good to go.

My Thoughts:
Choose what you think would benefit you in the first place. There is no right or wrong answer.
My Thoughts:
Choose what you think would benefit you in the first place. There is no right or wrong answer.
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