Restoring Your Computer

How to Restore Your Computer

Sometimes, our computer will begin to act up for no reason. We will have downloaded something we should not have downloaded and it will pick up a virus, malware, or spyware. When this happens there is something we can do. When we restore our computers back to the way they were twenty four hours before we picked up the bug this will get rid of the bug we picked up. When restoring our computers we need to follow a few simple steps.

If you still have access to the start menu open the start menu. Find the control panel link located on the right. Click the control panel. Open the security system tab. Under the security system tab you will find a link that says restore this computer to an earlier time. This is the link you want to click on. This will open a menu asking you how you would like to restore the system. You will have three options. You can restore the system to an earlier time using the computer settings, use a disk that you have created, or you can use a disk created by Microsoft.

If you have made a disk of your computer when it was brand new, you can use this to restore your computer to an earlier time. Take the disk, put it in the tray and run through the system restore. You can also us a Windows disk made from Microsoft. The Windows disk will restore your computer back to factory settings. If you do not have access to your start menu and have tried all other methods to rid your computer of the virus, malware, or spyware, you will need to use a Microsoft Windows disk to restore your computer.

Restoring your computer back to an earlier time will erase your files. If you use a Windows disk, or a disk of your own to set the computer back to factory settings your entire system will be wiped clean. If you do not already have your files on a backup disk you will lose all your data. Sometimes, though this is a smaller price to pay when you are having computer troubles.

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