How to Restore a Computer With a Virus

Sometimes, we find that we have downloaded a program that gave our computer a virus. When this happens we might become a little confused, because we know we have antivirus software loaded to our computer. However, companies are often updating antivirus software on a yearly and sometimes twice per year. When this happens, the software we previously installed has become outdated. Outdated antivirus software is no longer effective on our computers. So, if we find that we have downloaded something that gave our computer a virus there is something we can do.
Many people would think their computer was no longer of use. Others would take their computer to a place like a Best Buy, Staples, or Office Depot. These places often charge outrageous fees that would make repairing your computer almost senseless. So, most people will replace their computer if they get a virus. However, you need not take your computer to Best Buy, Staples, or Office Depot. You need not replace your computer in either.
This happened to both my sister, and my mom. Neither one found it useful to take your computer to Best Buy, Staples, or Office Depot, because all of the above wanted almost as much as it would take to purchase a new computer. What they did is simply purchased updated antivirus software. Upon installing be updated antivirus software, the virus they had was wiped out by the antivirus software. If you find yourself in a similar situation and are not quite ready to replace your computer, you might first want to attempt to install an updated version of antivirus software. Both my sister and my mom purchased the Norton antivirus software. This might be the only left where update that would work to restore your computer. However, other antivirus systems might work as well. But I have seen two computers restored by using the Norton antivirus software and installing an updated version of it.

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