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You might want to consider. . .

Everyone is always looking for the newest thing. That is just
the way we have been programmed. We need to buy a new phone every
year, even though the one you have now works perfectly fine. We
have to have the newest video console, even though we may only get
a few hours a week to play, if we are lucky. 
The truth is we are giving our money away because we don’t buy
products that are a little older, but do the same thing as the new
products. When we are talking software, the absolute best way to
buy it is in a bundle and you can get amazing deals if you just buy
the slightly older version.
Let me give you an example.  The Summit Multimedia and
Backup/Restore PC software bundle is the way to go, and when I tell
you how much you can save you are going to fall down and worship at
my feet. Ok, that last part is probably not true, but this deal is
This bundle includes LogoDesign Shop, which is selling for
about $2.30 if you go on an internet treasure hunt to find the best
solo deal. Also included in the bundle is Present it. This can be
found for $11.14. There is more in the bundle however, 1500 Fonts
is also a packaged deal. You can search the internet and find this
for about $5.00. The final product in this bundle is Save My Files,
which can be found for $3.00. That will be a combined cost of
slightly over $21.00.  Now of course none of those are from the
same place, so you will have to pay shipping on all those items as
I say do the smart thing and buy them all from the same place,
and buy them in a bundle.  This bundle is super cheap here
by becoming a customer, you earn reward points which makes
everything less expensive! There are literally thousands of
different products here and every one earns you member reward
points, which can always be used in lieu of cash. 

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