Rock and Roll Heaven Halloween Party

Throw a Rock and Roll Heaven Themed Halloween Party!

If you’re going to throw a Halloween party this year and don’t want to have a normal, average party, then consider throwing a Rock and Roll Heaven themed Halloween party. Have your party-goers dress up as famous deceased rock and roll musicians and have a music playlist that includes all of the great rock and roll musicians from the past.

Introductory picture was taken by me.

Rock and Roll Heaven
If there’s a rock and roll heaven well you know they’ve got a hell of a band.


Have an old-fashioned jukebox for a major prop to really give your party that old-fashioned rock and roll feel. A real working jukebox is expensive, and I’m sure you’d rather use a more modern way to play music anyway. This jukebox is just a cardboard prop but it’s a reasonable price and would make a great decoration.


This cardboard jukebox stands at five feet tall. It’s a great prop for a Rock and Roll themed party. You can put speakers right next to it to give the illusion that there is music coming from it.

Inflatable Guitars

To really sell the rock and roll image, place some guitars around the room. These inflatable guitars are pretty cheap and would make great decorations.


Record Decorations

These record decorations will make a fun accent to the room. Hang these spinning records from your ceiling. These are seven inch (45 rpm) record replicas (made of cardstock). These records “spin and bounce” from the ceiling. They come five per order. 


Set Up a Stage

If you have enough space then set up an ominously empty stage. You can find toy instruments for reasonable prices. Set up some drums and a microphone stand and a couple of guitars (like some of the inflatable guitars from above) and maybe a keyboard.



WoodLoom sells custom foam tombstones. You can have a few tombstones with the names of famous dead musicians made and put them in your front yard to welcome your guests. Their standard tombstones are $39.95 You have to paint the tombstones yourself (they ship as pink foam), but they are really well-made. They have a ten tombstone package available for $429.95. (Of course if you have a tight budget you can just use cardboard and black marker.)

WoodLoom PropShop – Custom Foam Halloween Tombstones
Custom carved foam Halloween tombstones and props for your professional or home haunt.

Rock and Roll Costume

Of course you’re going to want a great costume to go with your party. Here are some rock and roll costumes available on Amazon. From left to right is Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley’s jump suit, an Elvis wig, and Freddy Mercury. Of course there are many more ideas out there for costumes if you are going as a deceased musician.


My Janis Joplin Costume Article

Janis Joplin Costume
Janis Joplin had a very distinctive look to go with her amazing voice. From her Foster Grants to her feathered hair, she created an iconic look for herself….

Who Inhabits Rock and Roll Heaven?

This website contains an exhaustive list of major rock and roll musicians who have died. It lists them alphabetically and gives the dates and causes of death.

Rock and Roll Heaven
Here are some of the members of Rock and Roll Heaven along with when and how they got there.

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