Dental Work

I don’t know about you but for me, I know of no one that hasn’t needed dental work.  The oldest person I’ve ever heard about was 30 when he got his first filling.  That surpassed anyone that I’d previously known.

Most people that I know have had to have root canals, extractions and braces.  When my niece had braces she actually had to have oral surgery first, because one of her teeth didn’t come in straight but horizontal.  I won’t go into all of the details, but she had to be put asleep for the procedure.  

Many dental procedures don’t require sedation, but still others do.  So what is the deciding factor if you should have sedation or not?  There are many factors, and I’ll discuss some of them now, and you can make a decision from there.

Dental Sedation
Maybe what helps you get the dental work done that you need to have done.


The art of sedation is a wide field.  Things like: height, weight and age are only some of the factors that need to be considered when looking at dental sedation.  

There are two major factors in the type of sedation that you’re going to have.  First how afraid are you of the procedure that you’re going to have.  If you’re not that afraid, you may be able to have an injection and be off and running.  

If however any dental work terrifies you, you don’t get number or any number of other concerns you may want to be put asleep.  Most dentist are willing to accommodate you.  If the one you’re visiting isn’t consider going to another dentists.  Most are a dime a dozen now.

Sensitivity And Procedure
are the two things that are considerations in the type of sedation you are going to have.

The Procedure

Your sensitivity is a one major factor for sedation, the other is the type of procedure you’re going to have.  I have had a tooth pulled and been able to handle it with a simple nerve blocking shot.

If however you are having all of your teeth pulled in order to have dentures, then you’re going to want to be put to sleep.  The reason is simple, the amount of work that needs to be done and must be done is major.  

The longer, more complicated and more potentially painful of a procedure all have an impact on the type of sedation that you’re going to want to have.  Remember my niece?  She had to have a ‘hanger’ type of tool put up into her gum to have that horizontal tooth pulled down and into position.  It’s not something that either her or her mom wanted her to be awake for.  Sleep sedation was the appropriate sedation for her.

If the procedure is long and involved
having an afternoon nap could be the perfect solution.

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