Self-Watering Planters for Windowsills

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Self-Watering Planters

Container Gardening is a great way to spruce up both the inside and outside of your home. You can place them on porches, patios or even around the fireplace. And while plants are beautiful, the one big problem is that they take a lot of work to care for. You need to water and care for them on a daily basis if you want them to live a long time. And sometimes, with so many other things going on in our lives, we forget to water our plants.

And that’s where self watering planters comes in. Self watering planters help relieve you of one of the biggest responsibilities which is watering. And the best part is that you can actually make your own self watering planter and save a little money. Here are 3 reasons you should use self watering planters.

Reason 1 – Because They Work

The number one question people ask about self watering planters is do they really work? And the answer is yes. They really do work. Some of these planters can even prevent over watering of the plant. You just fill up the reservoir and it will take care of the rest. Your only job is to check back every few weeks or so to make sure there is still water in the reservoir.
There are a variety of different planters on the market. Some big and some small. Three factors will determine how often you will need to refill your reservoir. Plant type, light exposure and the size of your planter. Using self watering planters is a really great way to save time.

Lechuza Self-Watering Patio Planter

Lechuza Self-Watering Patio Planter

I just love these small planters.  Not only can they fit just about anywhere, you can practically go on holiday for two weeks knowing that your plants will be fine when you get back.  Just fill the reservoir according to the water-level indicator and you’re all set to go.

Reason 2 – They Are Simple To Use

What good is a product that is complicated to use? People want something that is simple to use. And that is exactly what self watering planters are. It only takes a few minutes to set everything up. And once you have it all set up you can let it run on complete auto pilot for about 4 weeks before needing to fill it up again. But remember, the 4 weeks is just an estimate. You may need to refill your reservoir more or less depending on the type of plant you have and the amount of sunlight it gets on a daily basis.

Windowsill Self Watering Planter - Espresso

Windowsill Self Watering Planter – Espresso

Strong and durable.  This container is weather-resistant and made from UV-resistant plastic. Ideal for plants or a mini vegetable garden. Grow miniature tomatoes, some lettuce or even chillies.  Why run to the supermarket when you have a mini salad garden right at home.
These are extremely popular and there aren’t many left, so grab yours now.

Reason 3 – They Are Affordable

When you first see a self watering planter you will probably feel as though its not worth the investment. That’s totally understandable. But when you think about all the time and effort this little pot can save you, I think you will quickly change your mind. For a 10 inch plant you can expect to pay anywhere between $20 and $40. And if you don’t want to spend that much you can always build one yourself.

Just head to your local home improvement store and pick up two pots that are non porous and have no drainage holes. You will also need some epoxy gel. Now just get online and find all the instructions you need to create your very own self watering planter.

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