Shirley Temple Costume

You would be hard pressed to find anyone that did not absolutely love Shirley Temple. As such, you can be sure that this loveable little girl would make for one fantastic costume idea.

In order to complete this look all you really need is a super cute dress, terrific black tap shoes, frilly white socks, and beautiful bouncy curls.

Make sure that you take a few seconds to scroll down  to see a few of our favorite ideas including what dresses to buy, which accessories (such as a Shirley Temple wig if you cannot curl your little one’s hair) look best, as well as which socks really help bring home this look perfectly! Of course, you will need your own dimples!

On the Good Ship Lollipop – Bright Eyes

Perhaps Shirley Temple’s most famous song is On the Good Ship Lollipop from the movie Bright Eyes. Many would argue, and I would agree, that it was this song that really put her on the map.
As such, this super cute Sea Sweetie costume may just be the perfect costume idea for little girls. 
It comes complete with an adorable blue and white dress. Also included is a matching white sailor’s hat!

Shirley Temple Costume86350

Shirley Temple Wig

Of course, even if you pick the perfect costume, your outfit will fall short without a head full of big, beautiful bouncy curls.
This wonderful wig may just be the perfect costume accessory; particularly for those women blessed with long, straight hair instead of natural curls.

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