The Smurfs Costumes – Smurfing the Kids on Halloween Party

The Smurf Kids Costume could bring little ones an exciting mood while playing the trick and treat game. Let’s have few kids wear classic Smurfs costumes, one child wears a red hat and red pang to be Papa Smurf, and one girl dress with Smurfette costume in Halloween party playing out their characters.

If you decide to create a homemade Smurfs costume, you might utilize materials from some of your old clothes. The next thing you have to prepare is blue body paint which is the liquid type that can be washable by soap and water. The blue color paint can be applied to the exposed boy parts such as the face like the picture shown, arms and legs. Don’t forget to sew the blue tail into the fabric and get read a white shoe to complete the realistic Smurfs outfit.

If you are running out of time or looking for a simple solution, source online store to grab your favorite Smurfs costumes for kids. The Smurf kids costume is made of polyester and soft so as not to irritate the delicate skin of toddlers or infants. To ease your online shopping, I group the Smurf costume ideas according to three major categories. Stay here to explore and grab one for the coming Halloween party.

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The Smurf Costumes for Kids

The Smurfs Romper And HeadpieceSmurf Toddler Costume. #adpriceThe Smurfs Movie Deluxe CostumeDeluxe Kids Costume. #adprice

Smurf toddler costume (left side) includes the romper that available in 3 different sizes fit infant who ages in between 0-6 months as well as toddlers age range 6-24months. It also features a comfy headpiece to keep your little ears warm on Halloween night. Furthermore, there are attached Smurf-foot shoe covers and snap closures at the legs for easy changes.

As its name implies, the right-side Smurf Halloween costume is a deluxe version that turns kids into a Smurf from head to toe. The package comes with a one-piece blue and white jumpsuit that closes in the back, big white Smurf hat, blue 4-fingered mittens, and shoe covers. With blue color paint applies to the kid’s face; your little one can be a realistic Smurf playing at Halloween party. However, please take note that this is suit for kids who fall in the age range 5-10 years old.

Smurfette Costume for Child

The Smurfs Romper And Headpiece Smurfetteprice
The Smurfs Romper And Headpiece Smurfette
Far from here in a village full of mushroom-shaped houses live the Smurfs. Standing three apples high, with blue skin and dressed in white trousers and a cap, they are a happy, easy-going bunch – give or take one or two.

This cute costume features a Smurf blue romper with a skirt for a white dress look. Furthermore, there are attached smurf-foot shoe covers and snap closures at the legs for easy changes. It also comes with a headpiece to keep little girls’ ears toasty while trick-or-treating. Few different sizes are available to fit baby girls (age 0-6 months; 6-12 months), toddlers (sizes 2T-4T). #CommissionsEarned

Smurf Kids Costume – Papa

Rubies Papa Smurf Baby CostumeRomper Baby Costume. #adpriceThe Smurfs Movie Childs Costume Papa Smurf CostumePapa Smurf Kids Costume. #adprice

Papa Smurf baby costume (left-side) includes a romper and headpiece with an attached mustache and beard. There are two sizes available: Newborn (age 0-9 months): Height (inches) 23 | Waist (inches) 19 Infant (age 6-12 months): Height (inches) 28-30 | Waist (inches) 19.

On the other hand, Papa Smurf costume made of polyester that features a one-piece jumpsuit fashioned to look like a blue Smurf wearing red pants fastens in the back. It also includes a red hat headpiece with an attached mustache and beard. There are 3 different sizes available: Small: size 4 to 6 for children ages 3 to 4 Medium: size 8 to 10 for children ages 5 to 7 Large: size 12 for children ages 8 to 10

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