Soda Blasting Media

Soda Blasting Media

Soda blasting media is the newest cleaning method to eliminate paint and cleanse a good number of surfaces.

The worker who makes use of soda blasting uses pressurized
gas to produce soda established media (baking soda) on top of the
surface to become cleansed.    

Soda Blasting Technology

Soda Blasting Technology

Soda Blasting Technology

It looks kind of like sandblasting but the actual technique can be diverse. Sand can be a onerous, serious material which can disturb any surface. It can pit glass, bust rubber & destroy plastic and print metal.

Soda blasting has none of that. A properly developed soda blasting media is formed of bicarbonate of soda that’s factory-made to be in an exceedingly consistent, larger crystal size. once it strikes the material you’re soda blasting it then bursts out and then forced toward removing the layer of dirt, paint, grease or , mold you’re removing.

To get a solid idea of why soda blasting is so good, it would help grasp a little regarding however the action of soda blasting is completely different from different varieties of blasting. To grasp however it’s completely different lets take a glance at sand blasting.

If you want to get rid of paint from a surface and there is not an excessive amount of it. The surface is coated with a layer of paint, in this case, blue paint. The paint is very thin, like thousandths of an inch thick.

Let’s imagine that you are going to take away the paint by Sand Blasting. The paint  is three times larger than the thickness of the paint at the surface at a high rate. The sand is denser than the paint too. The force of the impact from the Sand chops through the paint. The sand is tougher than the surface in addition.

Any of the impact force that wasn’t dissipated by the paint is currently marking the metal. This is often a thick, steady stream of sand. there’s lots of sand combat the blank metal and also the surface finishes up cavitied and rough. The surface is stripped blank with solely a dusting of the fine- grained sand covering it’s scarred surface.

Blast and cleanup Media is a sodium bicarbonate based cleaner mostly for the cleanup and removal of powerful coatings and contaminants that may be used It is effective while not distressful to the underlying surface.

ARMEX is a company that uses Baking soda media for large removal projects and uses blast applications.

ARMEX  is used in contained applications wherever a surface needs to be cleaned without toxins. They are a company involving several distributors throughout the world
that sell soda blasting equipment systems that are both portable and
contained and have parts as well as accessories and the full line of
ARMEX Blast Media Formulas.

Use it to eliminate surface finishes along with toxins without damage or distortions to be able to use an extensive variety involving substrates, which includes stone surfaces, metal, glass and wood.

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