Spring Is Springing And So Are The Challenges That Come With It

Spring Is Coming

Spring is arguably the most beautiful seasons of all.  It’s the time when the entire world starts waking up from the dog days of winter.  It’s when trees are blooming, love is in the area, and yes babies are being born.  Puppies, kitties, birds and the list can go on and on.  

Because spring brings us out of a long it, it’s also a time when injuries are at there peak.  Why?  Because people have been dormant, just like bears for the winter.  Most people stop exercising when the nights get longer.  Consequently when spring comes they think they’re still in the same shape as they were before winter.  Wrong!

So here are some potential areas that you may have challenges in and things that you can do about them.  Happy Spring.

Arguably the most beautiful season of all! Where death of winter, turns into life abundantly.

Spring Is Springing And So Are The Challenges That107913


Coming off of winter, the most common challenge for people is the warmth, but rather the injuries that result from it.  When winter ends, people are quick to try and jump-start exercise programs, and forget that they haven’t done anything for months.  The result: Injuries.  

Everything from breaks to sprains are quick to show their presence.  The end result is a trip to the doctors off, emergency room or urgent care.  Which one of these things you go to will depend on the depth of injury that you’ve received.  Clearly a break will mean a trip to the doctors office and potentially surgery.  If it’s after hours, it means that an emergency room trip is in your future. 

If it’s during business hours, you may be able to go to an urgent care and get the same medical attention, but faster and cheaper, then you would have in the emergency room.  Remember, that urgent cares are usually spun off by emergency room doctors.  They have the same experience, and wanted to elemental the long waits in emergency rooms, so they created the urgent care system.

You can find urgent cares in most any city, and the name will look something like this: Boca Regional Urgent Care.  If you see that, you can be assured that you will get wonderful care, and the not so exorbitant price.

When you spring into spring...
don’t end up with a sprain. Take time to ease back into the new season.



Clearly I’m promoting to start spring with caution.  But it’s not just about exercise that you need to be cautions about.  Consider the fact that you may very well need to remind yourself about plenty of liquids as it heats up, as well as plenty of sunscreen.  

The easy answer is that you don’t what to get heatstroke, a 3rd degree burn (and it can happen) or sun poison.  Every year, it’s those that think it wont happen to them. That it’s foolish to take precautions.  That they’ve never had problems in the past, that end up in the emergency room, and all to often die.

Don’t be a fool this year.  Make sure that you have plenty of fluids and electrolytes.  Apply sunscreen a minimum of 15 minutes before you go out to sunbath.  And if you’re going to drink alcohol, please balance it with water. 

If you do these basic things, you’re well on your way to a safe and happy spring.

Sunburns, heat exhaustion and
heat stroke are some of the problems that come along when temperatures start warming up. c

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