Spyderco Tactical Knife with Glass Breaker

Tactical Knife by Spyderco

Spyderco has been making rescue knives for over 25 years. They are known for providing quality functional knives. Their tactical knives are purpose built for professions such as firefighters, rescue workers, and other emergency personnel. Of course they’re also made for the well equipped civilian. Tactical knives are great for every day carry.

The Assist tactical knife by Spyderco includes a carbide tip for breaking glass that is exposed when you squeeze the knife while in the closed position. This adds another level of function to an already great knife. Be sure to check out other knives by Spyderco as well, you will not be disappointed.

Spyderco Assist Tactical Knife with Carbide Tip – Black

This tactical knife is designed with emergencies in mind. The patented blunt tipped VG-10 blade has a toothed surface to make cutting quick and easy. Perfect for cutting things like rope or seat belts. The back side of the blade features a wavy pattern specially designed by a Swedish Firefighter.

As if the knife alone isn’t worth every penny, it also features a carbide tip for breaking glass and a built in emergency whistle.

Spyderco Assist I Orange Handle Tactical Rescue Knife

This is the same quality knife as the Assist Tactical Knife in Black, but this one sports a bright orange handle and polished blade. The blaze "rescue" orange and polished blade are sharp looking and if you drop it, it’ll be easy to find!

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