The Thief of Health

The Health Thief

As different as each day
It is more or less
The way that you deal with it
That determines your tolerance for stress.
I learned how to do it
A very short time ago.
I’ve been feeling much better since
Stress will get me down no more.
It will sneak up on you
Having been built up over the years.
Once you realize it’s got a hold on you
It’ll be worse than your worst fears.
It’s the little things that matter most
With stress this is really true.
Once all the little things have piled up
You’ll hit the wall seemingly right out of the blue.
But if you receive proper treatment
You’ll learn how to deal with it just fine.
But without proper treatment
Stress can be very unkind.
From learning how to cope
To completely ruining your health
The vast array of things that can occur
Can include your unforeseen death.
Now I’m sure a lot of us know
Someone who was healthy as could be
Who just out of the blue
Dropped dead suddenly.
There’s just certain things
That a physical will not reveal.
Stress is this type of culprit
And your seemingly healthy life it will steal.
So if you don’t want your life stolen
Get yourself some therapy.
You will have traversed one major pitfall
When it comes to staying healthy.


As you can see, I wrote this a few years ago, but let me be the one to tell you, things definitely have not changed for the better. I have come to the conclusion that THE worst words for the employees ( and the best for the employers ) is multi-tasking. It makes an employee sound like Superman, but in reality, if your mind is jumping back-and-forth like that ( and not concentrating on any one thing ), it will be to your detriment. You CAN NOT do that on a daily basis and NOT BLOW A FUSE! Take it from me. It WILL catch up with you. And your employer doesn’t give a dam- about you, that much. I don’t care how they come across to you. In the long run, it’s ALL about the numbers. Just my thoughts, but you’d better think about this one.

A Little Therapy Just For You

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