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Multiply Site

I used to be an active user of Multiply site before and when I returned this week to check if my account is still there, I was surprised that it is still active and working.

Anyway, Multiply before was only a content sharing site like mini-website or blog as I recall. But a sudden change was happened and it seems they went into a new level. The ability of sharing content through posting our ideas is still there. They only added a new feature which you may find useful and interesting on the next paragraph.

If you’re a member of Multiply and you’re excited about this new feature, then you’d better read and absorb what I will share.


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Multiply Embeds a Marketplace Feature

It was a great feeling after knowing that Multiply decided to include a marketplace feature in it. It means that you can now buy and order products online. Multiply has a secured and organized process from placing your order up to ensuring that both parties (buyer and seller) are satisfied and being served properly.

It it not yet serve the whole world because they only operate in Southeast Asia countries (including the Philippines).

Multiply is a social networking site and social shopping destination. You don’t need to look further because they offer an almost complete package. For sellers’ benefits, they just have to create an account, post their products and let their followers know about it. Since, the site is offering an unlimited storage for photos, there is nothing to worry about in uploading lots of product images. While for online writers, bloggers and sharers who love sharing their content to the world, this is the site that we must not overlook of.

I tried it before and my experience was great and awesome. I access it again and the feeling is just the same coz everything is untouched and unchanged, only added this marketplace feature at all.

Anyway, here is my Multiply account (it is not updated).

I hope you enjoy reading this article.

Updated On:
October 17, 2012

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